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    Mutraic acid or Dry Acid

    Just note that the acid sold at Lowes or Home Depot is 14.5% and the acid from your pool store is 29%. You can find 32% in some “pro” pool stores. The cost for the 29% runs about $16 so much better value than big box. I get a 4 pack of 29% from Leslies for $30. This in Vegas.
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    Super high CA.....Drain or exchange?

    Thanks for the replies. Did a full drain and refill. Got it done in one evening, filled by sunrise.
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    Super high CA.....Drain or exchange?

    I was looking at next week upper 80 low 90. I have used the high capacity pump from HD rental in a previous pool and the clean out in the front yard was able to handle it. Thanks so much for the quick reply! Drew
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    Super high CA.....Drain or exchange?

    So my last test was about 1600. It’s been going up for about 3 seasons. I know I need to knock it down and would like to just drain and refill and be done. I know Marty lives in my area of the country so he may know, but am I safe to do a drain vs exchange. Not sure what the water table is...
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    Which Salt Reading do You Use?

    I have the Pentair IC-40. Recommended salt level is 3600 per Pentair. The reading I get from the unit itself fluctuates between 3700-3900. When I use the Taylor K-1766 I get 4200. Repeatable with 2 different test kits. I know TFP recommends running a couple hundred higher than the optimal...
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    Muriatic acid cost?

    What % and also where at? Thanks
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    Muriatic acid cost?

    In the Southwest markets Lowe's and Home Depot only carry 14.5%. When they switched from 29% to 14.5% they never lowered the price. They continued to sell the half concentration at the same price as before. I get my 29% or 31% at Leslie's.
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    First Results with TF-100

    So the pool is now 3 weeks old, and my TF-100 just got here. Here's my first set of results. pH 7.6 FC 6.0 CC 0.0 TA 120 CH 475 CYA 50 That's the result of the extremely hard water in Las Vegas. My next move would be to drop the TA down. But where do you recommend to drop it to with the...
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    Questioning My Start Up Tech

    So I am 3 weeks into having water in the pool. waiting another for the salt system to be installed. When I last talked to my PB start up tech, he claimed that Pentair SWG liked a higher level of salt than others, around 4000ppm. Has anyone else heard or experienced this. My other concern is...
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    Sequestrant Question

    This is my third pool in Vegas and I don't recall having any issues with metal stains in the past. 1st pool was plain plaster, 2nd pool was pebble tec. This one is quartz so it is a new material to me. Is the scale remover useful with the Vegas hard water, especially with a salt cell?
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    Sequestrant Question

    Now say that 5 times real fast. On most of the start up instructions I have read, including here, there is mention of adding sequestrant at a start up dose before adding chlorine and such. If the start up company did not add any, and the pool has been running for 3 weeks now, how would you...
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    Screen logic issue. Schedule turned on heater this am.

    I have noticed on my ScreenLogic that when I turn on "spa" the heater comes on automatically. Kind of like a default setting with that circuit. I wish it didn't do that as we like to turn on just the jets for the kids without the heater. I keep the set point for the spa lower than the pool temp...
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    Pentair Screenlogic

    Thank you. Didn't realize it was 2 different ways to go into application.
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    Pentair Screenlogic PC Software

    Right clicking worked. Wasnt trying to update it. That's where thelink for the actual program was located on the Pentair site. Thanks
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    Pentair Screenlogic

    In the screenshots above how do you get to the setup circuits screen?