First Results with TF-100


Jun 15, 2015
Las Vegas,NV
So the pool is now 3 weeks old, and my TF-100 just got here. Here's my first set of results.

pH 7.6
FC 6.0
CC 0.0
TA 120
CH 475
CYA 50

That's the result of the extremely hard water in Las Vegas. My next move would be to drop the TA down. But where do you recommend to drop it to with the crazy hard water here? I also read in another post to make sure pH never goes above 7.8. With the quartz still curing the pool is just eating Muriatic right now. Hmmmmmm, do I see IntellipH or a Stenner in my future.

The SWG will go online in another week.



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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
Those numbers look fine. There is no need to actively worry about the TA. As you keep the pH in range the TA will drop slowly on its own.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Those numbers look good to me also...

With a new pool you will be fighting increasing pH for a while, but I see you have a spillover spa and waterfall. What a lot of new pool owners don't understand is that running your water feature also increases pH.

In fact, that is exactly how we go about lowering TA. We add Muriatic Acid, which lowers TA and pH, and then aerate like crazy which brings pH back up to what we want.

As far as never letting your pH get above 7.8.. It is on the upper limit, but you will find that most SWCG pools like a pH of 7.8.. In my case, my pool will stay at 7.8 for a couple of weeks, or more, without adding any acid. But it will stay at 7.6 for only a few seconds... :p

Good luck with your new pool,

Jim R