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    My pool is burning

    FYI - low-e (low emissivity) glass reflects the INFRA RED (IR) portion of sunlight, not UV. That’s where all the thermal heating comes from.
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    My pool is burning

    That’s pretty cool ... well ... hot I guess. If you had installed the pool a few closer to the house you’d have your own solar powered pool heater....
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    New Project - Cherry and Walnut Chest with Remote Activated Hidden Drawer

    What’s weird is that it worked for me yesterday but now I’m getting the same error as @Arizonarob .... time to call in the expert @Leebo
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    Recommended to disable uv system?

    Bottom line - leave the UV bulb in place as long as it doesn’t run 24/7. I’m assuming it only comes on intermittently or has some on/off feature on the controls. UV in a hot tub is useful as long as the bulb has good wattage and the quartz sleeve it is sit in is clean and clear. It is true...
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    Don't Forget About Amazon Smile and TFP...

    🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜 A couple of more bumps!! Definitely lots of pricey items on everyone’s Santa List this year ... I’ll be shopping on Amazon Smile with TFP as the designated recipient. And also, you can now setup the Amazon App to use Amazon Smile in case mobile web surfing is a pain.
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    Red/copper Stain

    Try using some dry acid in a sock to rub the stain with. Be careful though as you don’t want to over etch the plaster.
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    New Project - Cherry and Walnut Chest with Remote Activated Hidden Drawer

    That’s AWESOME. Love your work. Your friends and family are blessed to have such great craftsmanship available to them. That would be great if it held a TV. What a perfect way to get a TV in a room without taking up wall space. Or, a white screen and a projector. UHD WiFi video...
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    Will saltron mini or SWGs damage hot tub?

    Most equipment damage, whether pool or hot tub, is typically caused by pool owner negligence or ignorance. TFP users don’t generally fall into either category.... I think your hot tub will be just fine ...
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    Irritated eyes with FC at 7.5, all other params normal

    Or you rub your eyes too much when swimming - Most people don’t believe this, but rubbing your eyes when you come up from underwater is the most common thing people do and all it does is force chlorinated water...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    I would suggest you ask your pool company to send you all of their logs from after the initial pool startup until you drained it. You are going to need a record of what they were doing. I clearly think this is a botched install but the PB/Plaster sub, and even a PebbleTec rep, will try to...
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    Unusual issue with Pebbletec finish

    Who has been managing the chemistry of that pool and what were the chemical levels prior to draining?? Honestly at first glance, that PebbleFina finish looks terribly over-etched. The aggregate is severely exposed with very little plaster cream in between. If those images are representative...
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    PH stuck

    You should avoid pHDown dry acid. It’s sodium bisulfate. In the short term it presents no problems but it adds sulfates to the water which can cause certain kinds of corrosion to be accelerated, especially attacking the heater element. It is better to use muriatic acid and you can purchase a...
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    Gray Plaster issue? - 12 days ago on a new pool

    Either too much calcium chloride accelerant was used or the troweling was sloppy (wet troweling or late hard troweling). See this - There’s not much you can do about. DON’T let them acid wash the pool. It...
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    Ever wonder what biofilm looks like?

    TFP always recommends that new tubs be purged. They use a lot of glues and greases in the assembly process and then the plumbing is pressure tested. The water is never fully drained but left to sit in the plumbing while the tub waits to be sold. Bacteria can easily grow in these dark and...
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    Ever wonder what biofilm looks like?

    The fixtures look brand new, white & clean. Would not have expected that on a used tub. Did you replace them?