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    Hello from a Cedar Hot Tub owner having trouble with sanitation

    Buy a custom fabricated vinyl liner for it and … boom … problem solved. I think a nice, tacky vibrant blue with embedded glitter would look nice …
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    Hello from a Cedar Hot Tub owner having trouble with sanitation

    Is the tub compatible with salt water? (Chlorine and acid both add chloride ions to water so if you are told to use chlorine for sanitation then salt should be fine). If you can use salt in the water (typically up to 3000ppm), then just get a drape-over SWG like the Saltron Mini. Stay away...
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    Pool Math........The App

    I’m a little further north than you and slightly lower elevation. But even my water is in the high 60’s / low 70’s now. It has gotten colder sooner this year as last year we were still experiencing 90°F days in October. I just checked my PoolMath logs (love the Summary feature) and between...
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    Pool Math........The App

    2 years is the best you could hope for here. The sun absolutely destroys them. I don’t use solar covers anymore as they are a waste of money and nothing but fodder for the landfill. The only reasonable, non-carbon based heating is solar (giant infrared lasers are just too cumbersome to set up...
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    Hot tub with with 400 ppm CH

    Use PoolMath to calculate your CSI. Try to keep your hot tub saturation balance around zero when it’s in standby mode (temp ~ 98F or so). You’ll have a very hard time maintaining a pH of 7.2 in a hot tub because of all the aeration. Aim for 7.6 and try to get your TA down to 50ppm. Did you...
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    Squeeze last bit of life out of cell?

    You can achieve better resolution on the K-1766 salt test by using a 40mL water sample. In that case, each drop of titrating reagent is 50ppm [NaCl].
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    Pool equipment advice (was: Yet another SVRS post)

    I would sincerely suggest you read through TFPs Pool School before you make anymore decisions. I mean this in the nicest possible way but you clearly need to get some basic education in pool fundamentals or else you risk your PB saddling you with a lot of useless equipment. Once you hand in...
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    Pool equipment advice (was: Yet another SVRS post)

    Texas pool builders love to sell “alternatives to chlorine” and “low chlorine” systems and they hate installing SWGs to the point of outright deceptive marketing. That pure bottle system is nothing more than an ozone system with minerals. Totally bogus. But PBs will swear on their mothers...
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    Re-Plastering costs

    Do not accept a bond coat and skim job. You absolutely want all of the old plaster chipped out down to the gunite shell. Then they should prep, bond coat and replaster. A skim job will not last long.
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    Calcium hypochlorite vs bleach

    A full bag of cal-hypo will not fully dissolve in a gallon of water so do be very sure to brush the granules around that settle to the bottom until they dissolve. Cal-hypo sitting against plaster can bleach the color from it. It also creates a highly alkaline solution that can easily cause...
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    Forum changes

    There isn’t enough Fabreeze in the world to cover up pool store stench. Sometimes you just got to burn it down and start over ….
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    Forum changes

    Anyone that remembers the struggles of trying to get a vBulletin forum to be even remotely useful on a mobile device will appreciate all the great features that Xenforo updates offer and would never want to go back to that or Tapatalk. Tapatalk is expensive and very restrictive on what forums...
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    Forum changes

    Now if only the PoolMath App could get some great new updates .... 🤔
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    SWG costs
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    SWCG controllers

    Pure water has a resistance of approximately 18.9 mega-ohms. That is double distilled, deionized water delivered in non-metallic piping. “City water” that is clean and low mineralization has a resistance of about 0.1 mega-ohm. The stuff in your pool is a lot lower resistance than city water...