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    How are my fellow Texans doing this morning lol

    I'm just curious... Did anyone just remove the plugs, drain the equipment and leave the lids off the pumps, etc and actually fair well through the freeze? I wondered if that was the best route through all of it vs. trying to keep it running all the time with rolling blackouts or in my case...
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    Pentair Whisperflo frozen ... found crack

    use your part number off the pump and order a new volute housing and replace. it doesn't look overly complicated if you are mechanically inclined. there are also youtube videos on how to do this as well.
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    How are my fellow Texans doing this morning lol

    In Helotes, TX just outside San Antonio. same.. still running pumps full time. all is good so far... we are expecting snow/ice late this evening into tomorrow AM. I also have blankets over the equipment and a tarp around my pool equipment.
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    Enable Automatic IntelliFlo Freeze Protection

    Like you, I have the same setup. If you have the Screenlogic app, you can also enable freeze protection for the pumps under the Screenlogic setup app, under Setup Circuits- turn on "On with Freeze" by configured circuit. Alternatively, since the weather will be at freezing or lower until mid...
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    Fill water: Automatic Pool Water Leveler vs Smart hose faucet

    I also use a timer. I plumbed it into the manual pvc fill line. in the winter, I replace the timer with a piece of pvc with the proper threaded ends as the timer says not to leave out in the freezing weather. The water evaporation is so much less in the winter its manageable once or twice a week.
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Same happened to me on my last home depot purchase.
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    One Year Pool Anniversary

    One year ago yesterday, we filled our new pool. Since then, I have followed the TFP way and have enjoyed wonderfully clear and clean water. At first, I was intimidated by the thought of having to add chlorine daily, but once I got in to a routine, it was no big deal. For those who are not...
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    Algae on thermometer string?

    Same here... I just cut it off and let it float around.
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    Mesh bag removal

    Update on this: I finally took the bag to the PB. They said the collar does not come off and suggested I order a new bag with the snap ring collar. So I did . Now that I received it and replaced the assembly on my cleaner, I decided to take apart the old one . This way, if it broke I would...
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    Most effective way to have some peace and quiet

    I completely agree with you Akropp.. i have a Pentair whisperflo for the water fall and it is anything but "whisper" quiet. Knowing what i know now, I would have gone with a variable speed pump. Even for the waterfall. I do have a Pentair VSF for the pool and its great. As Jimrahbe said...
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    I ran full set of tests, brushed the pool walls,etc. Went for a swim this afternoon. Pool is at 77 deg.
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    Bleach or Liquid Chlorine Pricing

    I just just bought some this evening at Home Depot. 1 Case(3 gallons) of 10% chlorine. $9.98. I bought 4 cases and got $1.00 off each case at that quantity. ~$3.25 per gallon.
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    Pentair temp sensor

    I have this same issue. Mine always reads between 10 and 15 higher than i really is, only when it's hot outside. Like you said, I assume its the sun shining on the bricks under the control panel where it is mounted. My backyard web cam always seems to be accurate so I use that for outside temp.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    73 today..