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    Warm evening

    Where did the water go? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    JandyStealth 2.5 2 speed replacement

    Pump is in the shop, would not turn on. When powered on the pump would make a humming sound for 3 secs then shut off. The impeller turns freely. I am getting prepared for when they tell me I have to replace the motor. My biggest issue is that my pump on low was barely maintaining the pool due...
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    I just bought a CircuPool RJ45 and had it for two weeks which means not much at this point. I can only tell you my thinking process. I narrowed down my selection to the Compupool SC48, CircuPool RJ45 and Aquarite40. - CircuPool and CompuPool are made by same manafacturer. Reviews are good on...
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    New CircuPool RJ45 Install - Low Salt?

    All, I have the CircuPool RJ45 connected to my timer and my unit has power even when the pump is off. That is to say I do not loose the clock. The screen displays "OFF".(The screen kind of greys out but still visible. I guess you can say the backlight dims.)
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    Compupool CPSC36

    I have the CircuPool which is made by the same manafacturer and mine reverses every 12 hours. I do not know if that 12 hours is running time or based on a 24 hour schedule but for 2 days I had the unit at polarity 2 and today roughly the same time it was polarity 1.
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    How to protect wooden patio furniture?

    Do you know of any brand names?
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    Compupool CPSC36

    I can't see the images. I just installed the CircuPool RJ 45 which is almost the same as the Compupool and have similar questions. My unit came with the bonding lug but I do not see were it goes attached. My case is all plastic except for the metal braket. If I attach the bonding lug to the...
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    How to protect wooden patio furniture?

    I just bought two chaise lounges online and the reviews say they are great chairs but they don't weather well. I was thinking of using Thompson Water Seal or some kind of polyurethane. What do you guys recommend? The chairs are some kind of imatation teak and the instructions say to use teak oil...
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    Looking to buy a SWG

    Thanks to all, I made my choice. I went with the CircuPool RJ 45. I was not completely ready but there was a special at Discountsaltpool that upgraded the CircuPool 1 model up and it ends Aug 1st and did not want to miss the special. I bought the RJ 30 (1.35 lbs p/day CL) for $799 and they...
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    Help to choose SWG

    At 70 CYA normal CL levels are 4-8ppm. Most say it is OK to swim at shock levels which would be 16ppm for a 70 cya level. I personally would not go in over 12ppm but that is just me. Go to and plug in your pool numbers, this is a great tool.
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    Looking to buy a SWG

    Sean, Is Davey LTD the same as "CircuPool" on that list? Do you happen to know where to look up their numbers? Bobo, I asked that question in another thread and I think you anwered my question, what is the conversion of SWG lb/per day vs liquid chlorine? If 1 lb of CL gas the same as 1 gallon...
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    here is our pool

    Beautiful! It looks so inviting.
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    Ideas on non-climbing Navigator

    There is also a small plastic adjustment screw next to one of the back feet. I don't have the manual handy but the state to try to turn the screw 1 click and test. Don't know if it is left or right. I will try to find the manual.
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    Looking to buy a SWG

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on either the CompuPool 36 $598, CircuPool RJ 45 $799 from DiscountSaltPools. Problem is there is conflicting information on their website. THey have the CompuPool with 3 different CL output. They have .92, 1.69 and 1.28 and they state a 3yr Warrenty. I went on the...