Debating between replacing motor or buying complete new VS pump


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May 4, 2007
My Jandy 2.5hp 2 speed pump (14 years old) just crapped out. Took it to a electric motor repair shop and they said can't salvage. A new 2 hp motor will run $400 plus new seal and tax. Repair guy said the motor really isn't 2.5 hp.

Should I replace the motor or bite the bullet for a new pump seeing that the pump housing is old. I ran the pool on low speed 100% of the time only using high when turned on water features and/or solar. The low speed barely ran my suction vac so I bought a Robot (Explorer E30) last week before pump gave out.

If I go with new pump, which one? Are there any offers right now?


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Jul 3, 2013
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You could do both :)

If the pump is not too old and still works, pumps water and has no air bubble in the lid when running you could grab a V Green VS pump and connect it up and be good..

You could also get a whole new VS pump..

I am almost positive it is a square motor.. Call inyo and make sure you can use this one.. Also get a new Salt or SCS seal with the rebuild kit..


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