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    Indoor vinyl pool renovation LED lighting?

    Thanks Matt, it does give me something to think about. Ike
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    Indoor vinyl pool renovation LED lighting?

    Well it is finally time (past time) for a new liner in my indoor pool, and while I am at it this winter I plan to likely do some other renovation. Which leads to my specific question, what are your thoughts on the current state of LED pool lights, I have not had much time to spend on pool...
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    Advice on Comparing

    It depends on why you want a hot tub, and how you plan to use it, I am perfectly happy with my 19 year old Hot Spring Jetsetter that I bought used a few years ago, it does almost everything the current Jetsetter does (has the original style moto-massage, not the DX), just lacks the bells and...
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    Test Kit Comparison

    One thing that is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, don't obsess over TA, if your pH is stable and in acceptable range and you are not flirting with Calcium saturation issues there really is no reason to obsess on TA.
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    What do you get when pool nerd meets solar nerd?

    Looks good, If they are facing south I suspect they are near optimal tilt solar angle for the spring / summer swim season see Optimum Tilt of Solar Panels Another thing to remember is optimal average annual solar tilt is not always the best solution for a given problem, for example I have...
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    Solar Heater Addition in Baton Rouge, LA (DIY)

    Ok, just my few thoughts: 1 slope the panels, this will prevent air getting trapped in them and causing uneven flow, it will also allow them to drain better during a potential freeze, sure freeze recirculation is good, but I prefer a belt and suspenders approach. I live in western Louisiana...
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    Used Calspas Hot Tub

    Moving it will depend on how accessible it is where it is and where you want it to go, typically this seems to cost a few hundred dollars.
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    Started on Solar Heat Project

    Sorry about being late to the party, have not had much time to spend on here the last couple of months. I bought my Techno-Solis panels with 2 inch headers from Pool Heat Pumps, Pool Heating Systems, Pool Heaters As to installing at below pool level on a hill, you may want to read Hot Sun...
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    Uses for an ORP meter?

    That was basically my thoughts, of course if you google uses of this model ORP meter it seems they are popular with people that grow certain high value hydroponic crops, which circles up back around to people hiding contraband. Until now the most interesting find was a work glove under the...
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    Uses for an ORP meter?

    Ok guys, I have a question for the pool chemistry experts out there, I have unexpectedly acquired a handheld ORP meter Specifically a Myron L company Ultrameter II model 6p and I am wondering if I should sell it on ebay or would it be handy to have around / worth investing in a new sensor for...
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    Help finishing pool

    Re: Commerical pool in a Residence. Go big or Go Home, we are in TX! Don't worry I am sure we have members here from the Austin area that can point you to someone that can help. The mods will probably split your question off into its own thread so it will get more views and so topics will not...
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    Anyone Have a Winter Pool Dome - Ameridome or Others?

    It looks like you need a leaf blower with an extra long extension like they make for cleaning out gutters. Ike
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    Highly dissolved oxygenated water?

    I think that is a typo and should be UV not US
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    Proper pool shed foundation

    The correct answer will probably depend on your local soil conditions, issues with freeze and ground heave, etc.
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    Pool girl

    At least you did not have a problem with reptiles like: