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    how to install return plug?

    While I have your ear.....where do you recommend the water level to be? Right now it's covering the gizmo. I have a waterproof cover I'm putting on.
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    how to install return plug?

    Thank you thank you thank you! Just ordered the piece.
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    how to install return plug?

    This is the first year I've attempted to close the pool by myself. I can't figure out how this plug fits in. I unscrewed the return eyeball but there is another piece in there that won't allow the plug to fit. What do I unscrew? I'm afraid of cracking something.
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    Fort Myers, FL

    My folks just bought a new place in Fort Myers with a pool. I bought them a TF-100 Test Kit and a IC40 & Power Center that needs to be installed and their exposed aggregate deck needs some work. I'm asking if anyone has a recommendation for local company. Thank you! Test results yesterday...
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    Greeting from NC

    Welcome aboard!!
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    New to site.

    Hello and welcome!! I see you did another post about your CYA issue. Chances are you'll have to exchange some water. Please visit Pool School - Trouble Free Pool and read up on the articles. If you're like me you'll have to read them several times before it kicks in. A specific test kit is...
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    Hi Everyone :)

    Pfft is right! You are with like minded frolickers here! Welcome!!
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    Hello from Virginia

    You can do it! Welcome!!
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    Pentair IC30 won’t power on fully

    I had that unit and noticed it didn't work right in cold water (<75). I always had issues of no lights at beginning and end of season. I went down the electrical route and was told unit was getting juice. I also noticed it worked better if I covered it up so water wasn't getting in the cover...