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    new hayward pcb installed: can i add a cell and flow switch?

    I have a hayward E command 4. the pcb went bad and the PB replaced under warranty a year ago. The previous board was GLX-PCB-HPC-4. Hayward sent us a GLX-PCB-PRO. It installed and everything works great. I went with EC-4 because i decided to go back to trichlor. (previous pool had prologic 8...
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    Carvin/Jacuzzi Starlite LED Possible Replacement

    btw, do you have the Carvin tool to unscrew lights?
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    Carvin/Jacuzzi Starlite LED Possible Replacement

    we replaced it all. Pal trio lights, transformer, and remote. My PB installed basically free. I paid costs on lights. they took Carvins loose from inside pool and loose at old carvin transformer. tied a nylon string to old carvin wire by transformer, and pulled Carvin light out of pool...
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    Carvin/Jacuzzi Starlite LED Possible Replacement

    Update. Pulled second set of Carvin LED lights out. The problem is not something growing in them, it's actually burnt inside. Carvin Starlight has a known design problem with heat. I thought they had leaked and had algae in there. Replaced with PAL Treo. perfect.
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    Micro hole in liner above water line

    Update. PB came by and i was home. I asked about patching liner from the back, he said Absolutely !! he used some Duct Tape as a handle on the front of the liner about 8 inches away to gently pull up some liner slack, popped the bead out, patched and popped liner back in. made a patch from my...
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    Micro hole in liner above water line

    thanks everybody ! glue ordered. One more question....... the liner is Black on the back. since this is so close to the bead........ would anybody consider popping the liner loose here and patching from the back?? you would never see it and hole would be sealed. Think it would be tempting...
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    What are these holes in my pool for?

    Yep. looks like autofill to me too. also auto drain by the way. a float just like a toilet fluid master sits in mine. the float is set at the desired waterline. however.. mine only has one hole into the pool like your top one. it drains by gravity feed out into the yard, so no more pump out...
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    Micro hole in liner above water line

    Hi guys, It's been awhile. Hope all is well during these crazy times. I found a micro hole in our liner above the water line. actually about the size of a pencil lead. it seems thru and thru and i need advice. Liner is starting 3rd year and i guess the fix is a small patch. I still have all the...
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    Carvin/Jacuzzi Starlite LED Possible Replacement

    gmike, did you ever resolve your Carvin light problem? i know this thread is old. i'm have the exact same problem.......again. PB replaced the first set. it's back thx, Cal
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    Opening numbers. cold water. CC and CYA. Advice?

    Ok. Back up and running. multivalve replaced. anyway....... oh yeah. water. this am FC was still 7. cc had dropped to .5 chlorine smell much less. Sunny all day yesterday. we have a blackish liner that I'm trying to baby from bleaching out.........otherwise i would SLAM. sit on this a few...
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    Man...... Really. don't do this............

    Hahahahahahahaha. yep. soooo true.
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    Man...... Really. don't do this............

    one more question, does anybody cover their multiport in the winter? Or ever? seems a weather guard might be a great idea............ it rains/sun right on that thing 24/7.