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    TC 9.6, FC 7.5, Cya 62 - safe for equipment?

    Hello all! So in pool school, it appears that my chlorine levels are fine for my CyA levels, though of course that is flagged as "high" on the water test. Is it true that these levels are fine? It won't damage my equipment, particularly my heater? My little kids are safe to swim? The water...
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    Pool equipment installer says heaters never need bypass valve

    So you don't bypass your heater when you shock the pool or adjust chemicals? I was under the impression that this is necessary... We just installed our heater so I'm a newbie and figuring all this out too!
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    Chlorine tablets aren't maintaining chlorine levels

    Oh wow I did not know that... The chlorine won't burn eyes that high? Sorry, I am a total newbie. I've been reading some here but obviously not enough 🤪 we just added the cya so I know those levels should be decent but apparently someone's test is off.
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    Chlorine tablets aren't maintaining chlorine levels

    I literally can't wrap my head around how the chlorine can be basically non existent on one test and super high on another! Now we can't swim today 🙄 I'm hella annoyed. Definitely ordering my own test kit and ditching the stores. I also did no adjustments to my ph and really don't think it's...
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    Chlorine tablets aren't maintaining chlorine levels

    Interesting development... I took a sample to a different pool store and now my chlorine is 7! I imagine it didn't need such aggressive shocking after all. I will be buying my own test kit! Thank you for the advice
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    Chlorine tablets aren't maintaining chlorine levels

    Hello! I'm fairly new to pool ownership. Lots of my frantic Google searching brings me to TFP so I figured it's about time to join. We bought a home with an Inground 10,000 gallon pool with sand filter last August. We only used it a few weeks before closing it for the season. We inherited the...