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    Buried Pool renovation

    Any update? I have been checking each day, I'm ready to see what it looks like with all the dirt removed.
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    I've got absolutely no clue where to start!

    I can't offer much help, but I have enjoyed reading your thread, and can't wait to see when you post a picture of your crystal clear water.
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    Lets talk about copper.

    Ok guys I need help, and need to know what I should do next. I have been testing my fill water with my TF-100 kit and wanted to get my fill water tested for metals. I don't know why I had that bright idea, but if some could slap me it would be great lol. Anyways I went to Leslie's pools and had...
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    Pump Output vs. Total Resistance to Flow

    I have a question about my setup, and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I might even be looking too far into this lol. I have a 28ft above ground pool with two skimmers, with a Hayward super II, 1.5HP two speed pump. ( SP3010X152AZ ) (...
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    First AGP

    If you have a in the wall skimmer, then 1/2 up is what most people call full. If you have a sand filter, most have a "Waste" position that will remove water from the pool.
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    Replacing your own pool liner is possible - My journey and how I did it

    Wow that looks great, and I love the water color.
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    It will need water in it. they are going to put it 2' in the ground and back fill it. I tried to get the guy out before the pool was in, but he needs to bound the pool as well so it has to wait till everything is done.
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    Dirk, you are 100% right on that, just doing the 4 or 5 tests have helped me so much its unreal. When the kit first showed up I was over overwhelmed with all the little bottles lol, now its only taking me 3-5mins to do it. We did not get started on the pool today, but we are trying for tomorrow...
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    Dirk, I 100% agree with you, and would follow the forum advice before a pool store or a manufacturer. When I was pool shopping, I was told so many different things that I knew I had to find a forum or something to cut out all the junk. You guys have been so awesome its unreal. It's one of the...
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    Thanks guys for all the responses. 1- I have been unable to find anyone willing to truck in water, most of the places I called work for the oil field, and don't deal with water for swimming/drinking, might be a Oklahoma thing lol. 2- I have been able to get the copper down to 2. I have been...
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    Dirk, Yes same water source, and from my searching it looks like you can't remove cooper, without a drain but that would be pointless since this would be my fill water lol. So I don't know what to do. This is what I'm doing. On step 3 when I add R-0870 nothing happens, water stays clear...
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    As always thanks for the help guys. We do have a Leslie's pool store about 15mins away, and today we got it tested. I did run my tests again, and I will run them again tomorrow to see if my numbers change a lot. Dirk you are 100% correct with "test is time sensitive". When I added the r-0870...
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    You guys I'm so lost on this testing stuff, its not even funny anymore lol. It looks like I did one test wrong which is the FC test, I did a total chlorine test (TC), I thought that was a FC test. I guess with the TF-100 test kit, you have two ways to find TC, one is just one test with the...
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    Ok first time testing any water, but I think I did it correctly. Only thing i'm not 100% sure about the FC test. Is the FC test the same as the Total chlorine test with the Taylor k-1000? because that is the test that I did with reagents R-0600. TC -.5-1 TA - 50 PH - 7.2 (Maybe lower but not...
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    New pool next week, whats next?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Our pool is getting pushed off till Thursday, installer broke his bobcat. On a good note I did get my tf-100 kit today, so I am able to test my fill water now. Since this is 100% new to me, what test do I need to run on my fill water?