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    Newly Plastered Pool Closing Chemistry

    Our pool was just replastered with Wet Edge quartz based plaster on October 26. We have been brushing and balancing since. Tomorrow the pool folks come to close the pool for the winter. I have been working hard but trying not to cause extreme changes in water chemistry, but the pH is as low...
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    Suggestions for Good Quality Underground Pool Light

    Not sure if the light is the same, it is a Hayward and has colors, Prologic I believe. It is beautiful and it is installed now! This is just one of the colors—there are programmed light shows in the lamp.
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    Pool Replaster Day 8-

    Does anyone have thoughts on how to prepare the water and pool for winter closing after the 28 day cure? Is this something the manufacturer would have recommendations on?
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    Pool Replaster Day 8-

    Thank you!!!!
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    Pool Replaster Day 8-

    Thank you! I had started with the installers instructions and now I am using wet edges (manufacturer) instructions. Are all acid sources the same? Is there a place you know of to get the needed acid outside of pool suppliers who appear to have none in stock?
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    Pool Replaster Day 8-

    Folks I need a sanity check. Our pool replaster is in day 8 of curing process and we have been brushing and trying to balance since this time. Today I was able to add more CYA to get that level up to 25. But I continue to have trouble getting my pH down and alkalinity down. Today I was able...
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    Help balancing pool chemistry post-replastering

    I am so sorry I Wrote Cal hypo and I should have written Cal plus.
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    Help balancing pool chemistry post-replastering

    The pool water folks charged us for 38,000 gallons. We had been filling from our well for a few hours before the water trucks started to arrive so I think the volume is about right. Thank you for the information for the Wet Edge website, didn’t think to look there! I typed the incorrect name...
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    Help balancing pool chemistry post-replastering

    We replastered the pool with wet edge Martinique quartzite on October 28. We added 120 ounces of sequestering agent according to contractor recommendation. Pool now is 0 chlorine 70 calcium hardness 8.2 pH, 240 Alkalinity. 0 CYA. I just added 8 pounds of cal hypo which pool math says it will...
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    Suggestions to partially close pool light niche

    We continue to brush and follow PC recommendations for chemistry. Work done on October 28 using Martinique quartzite finish. Pool lite replaced with a pro-logic colored light. Right now chemistry is strange. Chlorine 0. PH 8.2 (probably higher) CH 70. Alk. 240, CYU 0. Should I change...
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    Suggestions to partially close pool light niche

    They drilled a new conduit and sealed it and the gunnite folks planted in and around the niche to waterproof it. They finished the pool today. Now we will need to brush (and brush). Here are some photos Thanks for your feedback.It kept me sane although I hope I never have to go through this...
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