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    Broken Bolt for Ladder Anchor Wedge

    I'm trying to identify a replacement part for this wedge that holds in my in-ground pool ladder or should I simply go to the hardware store and find a matching bolt to replace the broken one? Pictures of the broken bolt & wedge attached.
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    Jandy AquaPure & PLC1400, No Flow

    SOLVED: Today, my new Jandy SWG sensor arrived. Quick install to my control box and onto the SWG cell. Turned on the system and a couple moments later, I have FLOW, 3.1 salinity, 84 degree pool temperature. It's now generating chlorine and acting as expected. Filter PSI sitting at 8...
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    Jandy AquaPure & PLC1400, No Flow

    James W: Thank you again for the advice. If I simply cycle the system, I get no errors. The panel displays "Wait" and hangs. I can't do anything. I shut off the system, opened the panel, disconnected the connector to the flow sensor. Test 1: Pressing the Salinity and R-temp buttons (on...
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    Jandy AquaPure & PLC1400, No Flow

    I'm sure it's time to replace them both. Do you buy from Amazon or somewhere else? I got these when my pool was originally built so I'm not sure if there is a best pool supply site.
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    Jandy AquaPure & PLC1400, No Flow

    Great! Thank you for this information, I'll try it tomorrow morning before I order anything!
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    Jandy AquaPure & PLC1400, No Flow

    Today I continued troubleshooting. Symptom stays the same: When I turn on the system, the Sensor Module Indicator will briefly light up either PGM A or PGM B and then all lights go off. At the same time, the SWG Management Panel locks up showing 00% chlorine and "Wait". Can't use any buttons...
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    Jandy AquaPure & PLC1400, No Flow

    Update: Today I emptied all the skimmers and pump basket as usual. Cleaned the 4 Pleatco Cartridge filters & new manifold (picture attached). PSI still sitting around 7psi, waterfall and the water jets in the pool all are pushing water strong. Now, I turn on the system and the Sensor Module...
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    Jandy AquaPure & PLC1400, No Flow

    Also, new info: The Sensor Indicator Module image above shows Green for Sensor Flow but it's actually Blinking On/Off today. That's new/different than what I've seen before. Main panel still shows "No Flow" and no error messages.