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    What variable speed pump should I buy?

    I have this 342001 pump for 3 years. It works great. I like its 3-inteval internal timer and economical. If you use automation, you have to wire it to be controlled by automation relays. Intelliflow pumps have an automation jack and that method is easier.
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    Solar pool heater in Socal

    I don't have solar panel but I use a solar cover everyday in SoCal. Pool temperature was 80-81 degree yesterday afternoon. Today is about 79. From what you said, maybe solar panel isn't enough to prolong the swim season. You might need to put on a solar cover. When temperature drops below...
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    Solar Cover Disintegrated

    I had scrap pieces of solar cover left on the ground when I changed my solar cover. After 2 years the solar cover in the pool the bubbles burst and it tears in many places. However the scrap pieces on the ground are still intact even though they receive the same amount of sun and gets hotter...
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    Solar covers, what thickness mil is recommended

    It is the chemical that kills the solar cover, not sunlight. I have a leftover scrap piece of solar cover lay on the ground when I installed my solar cover. It is exposed to the same sun everyday as the pool. After 2 years the solar cover in the water rips and bubbles break but the scrap...
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    Liquid CL and 3 inch pucks for chlorination

    My pool has a solar cover on most of the time. Occasionally if Cl is too low, I add a gallon mid-week. Before I didn't use pucks I often need 2 gallons of liquid Cl per week at peak season. Somehow the Cya increase by pucks seems to have dissipated so I don't notice it increases. I use...
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    Liquid CL and 3 inch pucks for chlorination

    I have been using 1 gal of liquid Cl and one puck in the pool every week since last year. Last year end I checked my Cya is still low and using pucks this way does not noticeably raise Cya. Using pucks seems to reduce the acid demand.
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    Strategy for running VS pump

    I use a suction cleaner and solar cover. No tree close by. Pool is clean and water is clear. My schedule is for power savings. 1 hour on 2400 rpm for suction cleaner. Rpm can be lowered to 2000 if filter is clean or up to 3000 if filter is dirty. 4 hours on 1200 rpm for circulation.
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    What temporary fix caulk/epoxy/filler recommend for crack?

    My plaster peels off but not leaking. 3 weeks ago I used Atlas Epoxy recommended by other TFP members. It seems to work well so far.
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    Kreepy Krauly not moving

    The flapper should be loose, not tight inside. I can move it by my finger easily. Check your flapper and installation.
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    Anyone Have a Winter Pool Dome - Ameridome or Others?

    Do you leave the thermal pool cover on during the day? Would the pool gain more heat from the sun if the pool cover is removed during the day? What thermal pool cover do you have? How much is your gas bill just for the pool?
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    Pool is filling up by itself!

    Air hits cold surface at night and causing water to condense ?? This probably needs high humidity. I have seen my pool level goes up by an inch with no rain and fill faucet is tightly closed.
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    Please use eye protection (goggles) when adding Muratic Acid

    The 14% acid doesn't smell bad at all compare to the 31% I used before which had lots of fumes. I think the 14% is much safer to use than the 31%.
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    Pump replacement options Variable vs single speed

    Pentair Superflo VS 342001 pump has 1.5 HP. About $700 online. Cheaper than other models.
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    Just got a Pentair superflo VS 1.5. Ran single speed for 4 hours. How long for the VS?

    My 20k pool I program the same VSP to run 2400 rpm for 1.5 hour, then 1200 rpm for 6 hour. When the DE filter is a bit clogged I increase the 2400 to 2600 so my suction cleaner can still work. No SWG.
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    Energy Audit Recommends Variable Speed Pump

    I bought a SuperFlo VS from eBay and get someone to install it. Typical quote to install SuperFlo VS in my area is about $200-$250.