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    New Pool Build in League City, TX

    We have very similar (Keystone branded) water line tile in our pool which is now filling as well speak. It is a gorgeous tile when installed. Changes color as sun hits it differently.
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    Now Considering OB in Houston

    This is what I found as well in the Houston area. Just know all the really good subs aren't going to be available. The PB have them as much work as they can handle for the foreseeable future. If you find one they likely aren't going to be as good and are going to charge you more. The supply...
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    Sugar Land Pool Bid (Houston, Texas)

    We're in Missouri City (near by town) in midst of our build and can also confirm the price is inline with what we saw (6 bids). Been told by a couple builders that they can't even quote new customers right now they are so backed up. Said new inquiries initial meetings getting pushed a month or...