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    Flex pipe repair

    Hi Guys. I have to repair a flex pipe that inadvertently took a rebar right to the kisser. I dug it out, its right by the pool equipment. I have some schedule 40 1 1/2" couplings. I was wondering if these are the correctly couplings to use. The pipe also appears to be 1 1/2". I have never...
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    Pool liner heck

    No, we've never seen it float, bubble or anything. There a yard that grades towards the pool. Eversource did work alongside our property and built the land up, which can be further exacerbating the issue. I'll get pics when I get a chance and post
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    Pool liner heck

    Ok. So with that in mind, can this be fixed, and if yes, how involved is it?
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    Pool liner heck

    These were taken last year after opening the pool
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    Pool liner heck

    When we bought our house, the liner needed replacing (pool was unusable). We hired a small independent pool contractor to do the job. The job took him from some time in July until November to complete. He needed help with measuring, twice, he needed help with installation after he spent 4...
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    Topping off with well water?

    We are new to pools, never having one and am just learning. We have well water and have to top off. I know the metals in the well can be an issue and turn the pool water brown from what I have read and create some staining. Everything I read was filling the pool, and not topping off. I would...