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    Stenner Install Replacing Jandy SWG

    I went from using Tabs (my bad, hadn't run across TFP yet) to manual;y dosingl liquid Chlorine every day. Being that I did not have anyone who could watch my pool and add Chlorine for me every day while I went on a 1 or 2 week vacation most Summers, I installed a Stenner pump (45 MPH10 fixed...
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    Pentair Power Center 520556 blowing fuses with cell disconnected after power outage.

    It is your decision to get a new unit, but the Board is almost certainly your problem. Transformers are very rugged devices, and seldom fail. If it were me, I would just get a new board for half the price of a new unit. Just my opinion. Gary
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    Pentair Power Center 520556 blowing fuses with cell disconnected after power outage.

    The part number you listed is for the transformer. What you want is the Power Center Surge Board Pentair part number 521034Z. Surge Board at Sunplay Gary
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    Pentair IC40 vs IChlor 30

    I don't know the availability of the 3 wire switch yet. If you bought a post Sep 2018 cell and the flow switch needed to be replaced could you actually buy a 3 wire switch?
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    Pentair IC40 vs IChlor 30

    I don't fully understand the part in the instructions that say that switches before Sept 2018 are not compatible with cells made after Sept 2018. Even if they changed the cell to have separate grounds for the flow switch and thermistor you should be able to used the older 4 wire switch. Link to...
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    Pentair IC40 vs IChlor 30

    Last September the flow switch in my IC60 failed after 4 months of use. I called Pentair and the rep told me he would send a "new version" 3 wire flow switch. Since installation I have had no problems with it. During the winter when my water temp was in the 50's the cell would report salt at...
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    Repair or Upgrade Compool Lx3600

    I did the upgrade a few years back on my ancient LX-10 Timemaster. Very easy to do. Did not have to change or adapt any connectors, Without Screenlogic I would not consider the Easytouch. With the Screenlogic, programming is very easy. Gary
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    Low Salt Light on IC40 won't turn green

    How many wires come out of the new Flow Switch assembly? 3 or 4? Also, how sure are you that the connections you made installing the new Flow Switch are good? Gary
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    How's my CircuPool RJ-45+ install?

    Nice job, looks good. Here is my vertical install of a Pentair IC60 from last year. Prior, I had no experience with 2" PVC pipe, just 3/4" sprinkler PVC line. Turned out just more of a pain to cut straight, but about the same applying primer and glue and that you have 1-2 seconds to position...
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    SWG - Is it REALLY worth it??

    My salt level, without ever adding any salt was 3200 before installing my SWG. Had I foolishly assumed my salt was zero, then added the 900 or so pounds dictated by pool math I would have ended up at 6500! Good thing I was told on this forum not to add any salt without first getting a good salt...
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    Vertical Installs

    Good write up and pictures. Looks like you will have a successful install. Going SWCG was one of the best things I ever did for my pool, and I am sure you will feel the same. Good luck. Gary
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    Vertical Installs

    What you might consider is: Remove 1/4" on each of the 90 deg elbows that would attach to your existing pipes. Remove 1/4" on each of the 2 90 deg elbows that face each other on the "U" part of your assembly. This would give you 8.5" width instead of the 9.5" you have now. I believe that...
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    Vertical Installs

    This is the vertical install I did last May of my IC60. There was no way it would fit horizontally, so this is what I ended up with. In talking with a Pentair rep, he said that the vertical install was actually preferable to a horizontal install because when the pump is off, water will not...
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    Pentair Quad DE filter sizing

    I have had a Quad 60 DE filter since 2014 and love it. I use a Robot (Triton Plus) and hair nets in each of my two skimmers. As a result, I only need to clean my filter once a year, if that. The robot does not send any debris to the filter, and the hair nets filter out any fine stuff that would...