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    Chlorine & Acid Supply Shortage???

    My local Leslies has been out of MA for a few weeks now. Local Lowes has it, but 14 percent so I have to add twice as much or twice as often. Found a local Mom and Pop store that has 31 percent, but is limited to 2 gallons per customer. Local Leslies is only about a mile away, so I wish they...
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    Pentair easy touch without SCG integration

    In theory, you can connect up to 256 devices to an RS-485 bus depending upon the electrical characteristics of the Transceivers. I have a VS pump, Screenlogic wireless antenna and Intellichlor IC60 all attached to my EasyTouch J20 connector. I find that the easiest way to connector multiple...
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    Where do you put the power supply for your robot?

    My power supply lives on the caddy along with the cleaner in my garage. When in use, it is under a patio cover in the shade. I don't like to leave a $1000 tool out in the elements. Gary
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    Automated Heater Bypass

    Yes, I change it before I fire the heater up. Easier than going out to the pad to manually change it by hand.
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    Automated Heater Bypass

    I installed a CVA-24 Actuator on my heater bypass plumbing which existed with a manual valve on the pool when I bought the house. With my setup, using my EasyTouch 8 I can set the valve to partially bypass the heater which is my normal mode to reduce head pressure, or run all of the water...
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    easytouch 8, pentair ic60,screenlogic - communication lost

    It has been a couple of years since I installed the data cable into my IC power center, but as I recall the screw block separates from the piece that is soldered in the circuit board. Just pull the screw block straight off, connect the wires and push is back on. I am old and my memory is shot...
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    Pentair IC40 install with EasyTouch 8 sanity check

    I used the dummy cell when I did my IC60 vertical install. It was easier to manipulate things when dry fitting and doing the final install. I did not want to damage my IC60 during construction and the dummy cell is a lot lighter than the IC60. After all the piping was installed I just swapped...
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    Robot cleaner gets stuck on main drain

    I got the Zodiac unibridge drain cover about 3 years ago and my Dolfin Triton plus has never got stuck on the main drain since then. Unibridge
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    Help needed - Pool pad equipment dry fit - What would you change?

    I did not want my loop to stick up any higher than necessary so I made it shorter than recommended. My SWG runs great, no issues I have seen. Gary
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    Help needed - Pool pad equipment dry fit - What would you change?

    I think the loop you have for the vertical mount SWG is a little larger than you need. I have been running my vertical install IC60 as shown for a year and a half now with no issues. Gary
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    Vertical or Horizontal?

    This was an old picture, taken just after install. Re-painted now, thanks for the paint tip. The gizmow is my previously used Stenner injector, which now has been replaced with a plug. Thank you and Green Crusty for your replies, I appreciate it. Gary
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    Vertical or Horizontal?

    In May 2019 installed an IC60. After 4 months the flow switch thermistor failed, and the Pentair rep sent me a new 3 wire one. In conversation with the rep, he asked if I did a vertical or horizontal install and I told him I did a veridical one because of space restrictions. At that time, he...
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