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    CYA granules or Tri-Chlor tabs... Which is more economical for raising CYA?

    You also get about 5.5 ppm Chlorine out of the puck in 10,000 gallons which for me tilts the scales toward trichlor.
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    Walmart bleach $1. Date code 19 345

    I think the common practice is for the manufacturer to put 12.5% Chlorine in bottles labeled 10%, so that when you buy it within a few weeks you will receive something around 10%. Even in 6 months it will be close to 6% if stored at 75 degrees. Still a pretty good deal.
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    Where'd my CYA go?

    I live in Kihei and have experienced a drop in CYA from 50 to 40 during the summer in a month, but 40 to 30 in two months indicating it might be more of a percentage drop than an absolute amount. Since the tests accuracy is +-10 it might not indicate anything. I lived downwind of the wild fires...
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    Mystery Pool Capacity

    You could utilize the acid demand test included with your Taylor kit, and then add acid until you achieve the desired PH in the pool. You can back calculate the capacity to within 20% or so, which is good enough. A large pH change is what’s required for this to be useful, and is probably the...
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    One pool guy told me that Black algae is almost impossible to kill. Is it true?

    It is normal for water to get behind the light. It is not normal for there to be water inside the metal light housing.
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    One pool guy told me that Black algae is almost impossible to kill. Is it true?

    After you have scraped off as much of the algae you can, a pressure washer is good for this, I have found putting a towel over the algae and saturating it with chlorine for a couple hours, seems to help. You probably could have accomplished the same with water in the pool. Acid wash and pressure...
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    Dust plumes from outlets on pump start

    I’ve had the same or similar issue. I had a small leak in the pump basket lid that was sealed when the pump was on, but allowed air to enter the system when the pump was off. The water in the filter is above the water level in the pool and the water would drain out of the filter when the pump...
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    Choosing Suction Pool Cleaner

    Wondering what happened to your kreepy? I’ve had three and they have all lasted at least seven years. Interested in what I should look out for.
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    Gas Chlorine?

    Don’t some large commercial pools operate onsite chlorine gas generators, and then inject the gas into the returns? I believe there is some energy savings utilizing this method over traditional SWG, but I’m not sure this is the reason they are utilized. This particular pool had lots of fountains...
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    Can I start adding CYA if my chlorine level is 15?

    Mine comes back in about a year too. I’m going to try using a pressure washer underwater next time. Have no idea if that will work, but it works well when the pool is empty. Good luck.
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    Help from the experts please? Black algae vs replaster?

    Pool tile is different then regular tile and usually quite a bit more expensive. I think it has something to do with how much water the tile absorbs when submersed.
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    Can I start adding CYA if my chlorine level is 15?

    I was thinking of tiling to permanently eradicate my black algae problem. Guess not. I was wondering if it came back just in the grout or on the tile too? Do you think it is a new outbreak or is it reoccurring in the same areas that it was a problem on the plaster. Tough problem.
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    Help from the experts please? Black algae vs replaster?

    You can manage it with a drain and pressure wash. I found chlorine soaked towels stuck to the walls better then an acid wash, but others have had success with an acid wash. Slams aren’t effective at all, unless you actually brush the algae aggressively and frequently. Several times a day can be...
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    Help from the experts please? Black algae vs replaster?

    I’ve had some success using a pressure washer to knock down black algae, followed by high CL levels and brushing for a few days. It has always grown back usually in the same areas, but usually it takes over a year, and if you catch it early enough, just brushing over a small outbreak is enough.
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    Liquid Chlorine

    Add acid to get your Ph down to 7.4-7.6. You will probably need to add acid frequently until yo get your TA down. Bring your FC up to 10 and see how much it drops overnight with no sun on the pool. You should switch to a 10ml sample to save reagent. 0.5 ppm will be accurate enough.