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    ScreenLogic Mobile Notifications

    Got it, thanks!
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    Hello, is this thing on?!?

    Hi. My name is Michael and I'm from the SF Bay Area. Family (wife, 2 kids under 6 and a dog) just moved into our forever home and am now a first time pool owner, yay me. I work in the industrial/commercial building automation industry so I am very familiar with automation controls, control...
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    ScreenLogic Mobile Notifications

    Can the EasyTouch 8 control system be setup so that should it run in freeze protection mode when the OAT gets too low (I live in the SF Bay Area) it will then not run the regular pool scheduled that day? Would like to save on energy costs.
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    ScreenLogic Mobile Notifications

    New to TFP (first post!) and new to pools but have a strong background in industrial/commercial automation. Does the ScreenLogic mobile app support notifications? I have an EasyTouch 8 control panel system that was installed about 6 months ago.