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    Confused about Dolphin models

    Thank you both. I have a 32,000 gal SW pool. Longest distance is about 32 feet. I can;t tell the difference between say the Active 20 or the S200 Markayash referenced. Oh yeah, I get a lot of pine tassels and pollen. Crazy here in GA.
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    Confused about Dolphin models

    My old Polaris (with booster pump) has given up the ghost after 8 years. I am now in the market for a new vacuum. Do you guys suggest a Dolphin over another Polaris? How does one make the decision?
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    pump run time, RPM, turn over rate

    I have an eco pump ep8. 1.8 amp at 230 volts. SWG pool. I run mine 24/7. My monthly bill is about 300 and that includes a lot of A/C here in GA. Your cost of electricity isn't that high. You will fight PH. If you want to, you can run your pump during the day which should give you plenty...