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    Upgraded Above Ground Pool 18x33 and deck rebuild

    That's a lot of work, but good job. Keep the updates coming.
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    Quantum - 15'x30' Oval

    Congrats! We did a 15x30 oval from Light House pools about 2 years ago. One thing I would suggest is doing a small deck (we did a 10-10ft) at one end of the pool. Even having a small deck is a absolute game changer rather then walking up a ladder into the pool. Also We converted to salt this...
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    Edge-25 with 2 speed pump question

    Been running my edge 25 for a few days now. 24/7 on the lowest setting. Chlorine seems to be stable and not getting too high(test every morning). Also, so far so good on my pumps low speed and not triggering the units low flow sensor. I installed a outdoor timer just in case I need to run the...
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    Edge-25 with 2 speed pump question

    Appreciate the reply. 👍
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    Edge-25 with 2 speed pump question

    So I installed a circupool Edge-25 and so far working good. I have a 2 speed pump that I run on low 24hrs a day. Reason I do that is I have a heater and like to keep the pool at a steady temp. Is it OK to run the SWG 24 hrs a day? Obviously keeping the SWG on a low setting as to not over...
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    Above ground salt pool

    Thank you for the replies. I ordered the edge-25 system from discount salt pools. Can't wait to get it and get things going.
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    Above ground salt pool

    Is anyone here running salt on their above ground pool? My pool has mostly resin parts (rails, caps ect) and I think aluminum walls. Can I do this?
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    SWG and 2 Speed Pump

    Cool! Seems to work ok? Guy on the phone at DSP said pump needs to be in the 1800-2000 rpm range.
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    SWG and 2 Speed Pump

    Hello, I am considering switching over to salt water. Question I have is I run a 2 speed pump and just run in at low speed 24/7. Looking at the Circupool SWG's. Will these operate running my pump on low speed? Thanks for any insight.
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    Buying used Aquabot Turbo Classic

    I ended picking it up. Looks brand new. Ran it for about an hour. Works very well. Climbs walls no problem. Anyone else have one that they want to share their experience?
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    Buying used Aquabot Turbo Classic

    Found one on Facebook. Claims that it is a 2014 model and only used twice. Looks brand new in the pics and I can pick it up for $300 tomorrow morning. Would be using it on a 15x30 AGP. Should I do it?
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    New Pool Heater Mastertemp 400 not working. no regulator on gas line.

    How long is the gas line to the heater, what size is it, and what is the service pressure your entire house runs at? Also do your other gas appliances have regulators on them?
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    Closing new Pentair 125 heater

    I have the same heater. Look in your instruction manual and it tells you how to winterize it. If you don't have them you can go to the pentair website and download them. I pulled the pressure switch out for the winter, turned the switch to off, and there is no drain plug.
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    15x30 cover

    Can someone reccomend a decent winter cover. I'm OK if it just lasts the winter then I toss it in the spring. Just want to make sure it lasts the winter tho. Pretty good amount of leaves and snow will be on it.
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    ~ Rusted Galvanized Gas Pipe Replacement ~

    It comes with directions on how to cut the correct depth. Only thing the chamfer tool does is round the cut edge. I did it without the tool. If you want complete confidence buy the tool as well.