SWG and 2 Speed Pump


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Aug 27, 2017
Westlake, Ohio
I am considering switching over to salt water. Question I have is I run a 2 speed pump and just run in at low speed 24/7. Looking at the Circupool SWG's. Will these operate running my pump on low speed? Thanks for any insight.


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Jun 9, 2016
Eastern Iowa
We installed the Circupool Core35 a couple days ago. We have a heater and when I initially switched the pump from high to low the flow switch stayed engaged but I went back an hour later, the low flow light was on. I haven't had any luck trying it with the heater off, either. Works great on high. Now I have to figure out how many hours on high. App doesn't give me that variable and also I don't know my flow rate on either speed but that's for another thread.