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    Hayward Northstar Motor Humming, Won’t Start

    A $36 capacitor did the trick! Not sure why the one I replaced just 8 months ago died, but this was the issue. I am not delusional that this 15 year old pump is likely already going to make the Guiness Book of World Records for oldest working pump and probably going to die on me soon, but for...
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    Hayward Northstar Motor Humming, Won’t Start

    Thanks you both! Can you please recommend a good replacement motor in California? Here is a photo w/ my current motor specs.
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    Hayward Northstar Motor Humming, Won’t Start

    Thanks in advance for any help! 15-year-old Hayward Northstar motor. Opened up the pump housing, and impeller spins OK but defuser was cracked, so I was hoping that was the issue. Replaced it. But turned it on and same thing happened as before... the pump tries to start for 10 seconds and then...
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    Hayward Northstar Motor Humming, Won’t Start

    I own a 2005 Hayward Northstar Pump. Diffuser went bad (cracked), bought identical replacement, all ready to go... and the motor won't go back into the pump housing. We are not able to flush motor mounting plate with pump flange. Hence we can't lock Motor Lock Ring. We tried pushing motor...
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    Hayward Northstar pump housing assembly issue

    Hi! I was so relieved to find your post. I am having the literal exact same issue. Did you ever get the motor assembly back into the pump housing? I've tried so many things. I like the shared idea of trying a bunch of silcone, but still hesitant it will work. The thing does not budget at all...