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    Best place to purchase Muriatic Acid

    Chavezone, I get my 31.45% at Lowes (Trop/Ft.Apache). Used to be ChemTek contractor grade MA but lately they’ve only had the 14.5% so I switched to CROWN. It’s in the cleaning supplies aisle on the floor under the shelves - not with the pool supplies. Not sure it’s the best price but I get the...
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    Upgrading to VSP

    Hi Bhubb, I was just in a similar situation except it was my 36 year old stainless steel filter that sprung a leak. I was researching the same exact IntelliFlo VSP and the filter dying accelerated my purchase plans. I ended up with the VSF version only because my local pool supply gave me a...
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    Hello from Colorado!!

    Hi ColoradoLimda, I too found my way to TFP after spending $$$ at the pool store - everyone here is so helpful and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. I’m finally getting my VS pool pump and new filter installed later this month and choosing the equipment was much...
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    Should I opt for SWG?

    Our lab swims everyday. I have CYA at 70 and my target for chlorine is 7 instead of 5. I keep it a tad higher because she goes with us everywhere (work, walks etc) and who knows what her paws are stepping in. :rolleyes: With the Vegas heat and pool in full sun all day, I prefer to err on the...
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    First time pool owner: my story and question about iridescent glass tile cleaning

    I'm sorta a klutz myself....could you use a funnel held by the net in front of a return?
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    Dog in Pool

    Great post about the water intoxication...thank you for that. We can't seem to keep our pup out of the water so it was a good reminder to stagger her playtime. (Love seeing everyone's dog pics too! :D)
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    What's your pool cleaners name?

    Ours is Vic. (Hayward Pool Vac) We like saying "Vic the Vac is tangled again!" or "Vic the Vac needs his feet replaced." ;)
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    New SWG & VS Pump-Will Our Equip Pad Work?

    Thanks guys for your feedback - much appreciated. :D
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    New SWG & VS Pump-Will Our Equip Pad Work?

    Hello forum members, We've been slowly upgrading our 1984 pool and we would like to replace our super noisy single speed pump with a VS one and if possible, add a SWG. Our plumbing is very straightforward with 1 Jandy valve controlling the flow between the pool vac (right side of valve) and on...
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    Install Pool with Hot Tub or no Hot Tub

    We are in the process of removing our spa and replacing it with a wet deck. Hubby found the gunite spa very uncomfortable and never used it. The pool we built in Florida had a stand alone spa and the massage/therapeutic properties and comfort(recline positioning etc) provided a much better "spa"...
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    Why so much hate on pool store's water test?

    Re: Why so much hate on pool store's water test? I too had Leslie’s provide a less than accurate CYA result. As I was transitioning over to TFP and waiting for my test kit (using a basic OTO Chlorine & PH tester) I took a fresh sample to Leslie’s to get the other values to use the Pool Math...
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    Pool Pump Has Died-Best Way to Keep Water Clean

    Thank you all for your replies. Currently brushing and skimming surface trying to move water as best we can while keeping bleach at current levels. Hubs is researching pump rental idea - hopefully someone will be contacting us tomorrow. Thank you everyone. :wave:
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    Pool Pump Has Died-Best Way to Keep Water Clean

    Hello TFPC forum members, I will start off by thanking everyone for the wealth of information that is offered here to help noobs like myself transition off the pool store merry-go-round and create an amazingly clear, clean and cost effective pool. I started in the beginning of May and our pool...