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    DIY Solar Cover Roller

    If you go with 20' length poles, it may get pretty heavy. I have a 15' and a 16' pole and I can manage it, but if you go any longer, I would anticipate that it may be too heavy for you. Now if you cut the cover into 3 or 4 equal lengths, that would definitely lighten it up. Also, be sure to...
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    How is this for a DIY aerator?

    You can use either 3/4" or 1" pvc. I used 1" to give it a little more strength. You'll need: 1) 5 45's 2) 1 cross 3) 3 end caps 4) 2 90's 5) 1 union (to screw and unscrew it quickly out of either the wall or a pump) 6) a couple of feet of pipe (5' max) 7 a 3/4" threaded fitting that has a...
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    How much water is in a Circupool RJ30+ cell?

    You might try cleaning it with just water from a hose only. I've cleaned my friend's RJ 45+ a couple of times and I've noticed that just a strong stream of water through a hose will often times clean it out just fine. That way you avoid the muriatic acid on the plates whenever possible.
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    Balancing Water After Stain/Metal Treatment

    A good quality test kit like the TF-100 or the Taylor K2006C is a MUST! Test strips are unreliable and don't give you the accuracy you need. We call them 'guess strips' here. It looks like you have algae, and although you're not supposed to shock your pool for a while after a stain treatment...
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    Which filters do you use for the S200, Active20, or Warrior SE?

    Just ordered a Dolphin S200 from Marina Pool last week and when I opened the box, I noticed that it came with a 2nd set of filters that are pleated. Any advice on which filters to use? My pool doesn't get a whole lot of leaves, just mostly small debris from the wind.
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    First test on K-2006 - not going as planned

    Once you get your CYA up to 40 or 50, discontinue using the chlorine tablets. They contain almost half CYA and should only be used when going on vacation for a few days to a couple of weeks. Liquid chlorine is ideal to use because it doesnt have any CYA in it. Otherwise, you'll be chasing a...
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    High Cyanuric Acid and phosphates

    OCLT stands for overnight chlorine loss test. You basically raise your chlorine to the upper range and test it after the sun goes down. You then get up and test it again before the sun comes up in the morning. If you have a FC loss of less than 1 ppm, you pass the test. If not, it means that...
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    High Copper and CYA levels

    I tried the Culator product one time and I didn't really notice anything on the bag. itself. It says that you should see some type of color on the bag based on the type of metal in your pool. Not sure if it worked or not, but at $50 a pop, I won't be using it again.
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    Polaris 280 replacement bag

    I went with a silt bag. Can't remember which model that is, but it's a lot finer and picks up way more small stuff than the regular bag. I don't think it comes with a zipper though. Only velcro. That's the only one I would get.
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    High Copper and CYA levels

    Maybe take another sample to the pool store for the copper test. That's the only test I'd pay any attention to from them. For the rest, trust your TF-100. It won't let you down. If you still have copper, I'd go with a monthly maintenance dose of Metal Magic sequesterant. It will keep any...
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    Metal Magic in Salt Water Pool

    I've never used more than 2 quarts for my 20,000 gallon plaster pool. Are you planning on using ascorbic acid first? If the stains are bad or especially old, I would definitely use the AA first. Metal Magic is a sequesterant first and foremost, although I have heard people use it by itself...
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    Metal Magic in Salt Water Pool

    It really shouldn't make any difference what type of pool you have. Just be aware that the MM will lower your pH somewhat. I use half a bottle monthly for maintenance doses and it generally drops my pH .2 to .4 .
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    Pool Vaccum Head Experiences

    I have had the Swimline one from above and I have been happy with it for the most part. The screws do tend to rust over time, but for $16, it's easier to just buy a new one and not worry about it. I guess you could replace the screws and nuts if you wanted to, but that might cost as much as a...
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    Pentair Warrior SE vs. Dolphin S200

    Did you get the S200 or the Warrior SE? Everytime I call, they say that the S200's are out of stock.
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    Shade shelter for CircuPool controller box

    So, do you just lift it up and out of the way to use the control unit or does the front side swing open somehow? What program do I need to open that file with all the dimensions?