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    is this the gunite layer

    LOL it really does look as if they used a ripper bucket on it.
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    Building my own pool, shotcrete question

    Gunite(dry mix) is usually smoother. Shotcrete(wet mix) tends to be on the rough side. Either is ok. The rough surface tends to create a better mechanical bond for plaster.
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    Gunite Hose Ran Through Side of Pool When Shell Shoot

    They over dig pools down there, then form pool and shoot against a steel backed paper called steeltex. They do feed the hose through the wall while shooting, and remove and fill in hole when done. Your pool should be fine. an example around 6min mark: Shotcrete Pool Marathon FL 6 9 11 - YouTube
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    Pool forms types

    It's usually whatever's on the truck those days lol steeltex pool wire, osb, plywood, sheetrock, ect. I've seen them use sheets of metal during shotcrete down in Austrailia.
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    Still struggling in Southwest Arizona

    Your chipping looks normal, sorta like Mayan hieroglyphics. Rebar needs cutout and epoxied. Plaster needs that rough look to adhere to.
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    Shotcrete versus Gunite

    Shotcrete would theoretically provide a better mechanical bond for plaster to adhere to because of the roughness of the aggregate.
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    Another O/B in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada (with completed photos and costs!)

    Re: Another O/B in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada what did they do with all of the dirt?
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    Coping Shorter Than Bond Beam

    You should 45 the beam/chip it back, then add your foam or some type of expansion joint to separate the deck from coping and beam.
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    Re: Poured concrete pool

    Re: Poured concrete pool try looking into Spider Tie | Forming a Better Way A division of Paladin Industrial as it's a way to pour a monolithic concrete pool
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    Pentair Legend II keeps going on its side

    check the head float(big white thingy on the back/top near hose) it's what gives it balance. take it off by pulling back while unscrewing it. Shake it. If there's water in it, throw it away and get another. Also make sure the back is empty. - - - Updated - - - also check the teeth on the...
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    $140,000 Quote for an amazing pool- Is this reasonable?

    naw bro, around here it's about $3K profit on a $50K pool
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    Re-plaster and pool start-up: delay?

    the plaster could dry out and start cracking, so it needs to cure under water
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    Pool plastering

    Have you looked into sidercrete? They make a DIY pool plaster.
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    Pavers vs. Kool Decking In Vegas like Climate Looking for Input

    When you say respray, are you talking about the texture? Because you shouldn't be doing that often, or at all once it's sprayed and troweled. Or are you talking about the acrylic stain that's the color? True you may have to roll on a new coat of sealer every few years as the colors do fade.