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    Celebrating a year of clear water

    Our pool was put into service last March. Since then we have enjoyed a year of clear water, even with heavy leaf drop in the fall and spring. I attribute this to frequent testing, following the TFP recommendations, having a SWCG system, and a robotic cleaner. The pool is open all year and I...
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    Free standing screen enclosure?

    It seems like most of the screen enclosures I see pictures of are attached to the house. Does anyone have a free standing screen enclosure? I assume it would cost more since it is not anchored by the house.
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    Turning VS pump for the first time

    "By default every time the pump turns on, it primes for eight minutes." That is probably unnecessary. I have programmed my vs pump for O minutes prime. The only time I prime is after cleaning out the pump strainer basket.
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    Timer & pump priming

    A check valve does not have a handle. It has in internal mechanism to prevent flow in one direction
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    Heater for Caribbean pool (commonwealth of Dominica)

    77 is actually not too bad if you are actively swimming
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    Thanks. The skimmer is working. Just approaching a time of year that it gets overwhelmed because of trees in my and neighbor's yards.
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    Has anyone used a PoolSkim, that works off a return line and is supposed to capture floating debris? Does it work? Does the pump have to run at full speed?
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    How do I backwash with a SWG & timer

    I just leave the SWG on and turn the filter to backwash. The flow switch will temporarily turn of the SWG. No problem for a short time. Then switch the filter back to filter. The pump should be off when switching the filter setting.
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    Please Help! Is this normal for a new liner install?

    Did they set up a fan to provide negetive pressure behind the liner before filling. Wrinkles are not normal.
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    Rant about gifts

    Nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowded
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    Possible to pass all algae tests and still have algae?

    Not an expert, but I have found that brushing is important. There can be dead spots in the pool circulation where a boundary layer can form adjacent to certain spots of the pool surface. While the overall Cl reading can be acceptable, these boundary layer spots can be low in Cl and algae can...
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    New Member, New Concrete Deck Concern

    Concrete shrinks as it cures. It will crack regardless of reinforcing. That is why control joints are necessary. Fiber reinforced concrete for a deck is very acceptable. Surface cracking may indicate improper curing.
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    New Pool Owner....Leaves and Pinestraw?!

    Have you considered a screen enclosure?
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    Hurricane prep!

    I would hold off turning off the breakers; the power may not go off. If you anticipate a lot of rain lower the water level a couple of inches. I am going to get some bleach in case the power does go out and the SWG does not work. Even if it does work the bleach may be needed. If the power fails...
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    Neighboring Fences

    I would question whether it is really "climbable". If it is a 6' privacy fence, with a support at 3', I don't think that is considered climbable.