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    Leak at valve junction

    I used it on my own plumbing when I replaced a valve and did not glue it well. Pool plumbing is not high pressure so this method works well. Of course I would never use it on high pressure water plumbing like to the house. If you decide to use it make sure you clean the joint area well and sand...
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    Leak at valve junction
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    Leak at valve junction

    You can probably fix it with some epoxy putty
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    Pool Water Temperature Through the Seasons

    I never like it over 85 and prefer around 80. I will swim laps without a wetsuit starting at about 70.
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    Best palms to add privacy above fence

    Queen Palms would work
  6. queen palm.jpg

    queen palm.jpg

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    Thoughts logical on high electric bill??

    I have found that in the lower South, unless the temperature is forecast to be below 25 for several hours, pipe freezing is not an issue. There is usually enough heat in the ground for protection above that. I should add that my equipment is under a roof so there is minimal heat loss due to...
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    Borates & Vinyl liner

    I have a vinyl pool and have added borates. I don't know it that is the reason but my pH seems to stay pretty level.
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    Aquarite problem?

    Thanks for replies. Seems to be working again.
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    Aquarite problem?

    OK I did the off check and back to auto check. In the off position it shows 32.1 volts, 0 amps and 0 salt. Back on Auto it reads 26.6 volts and 5.76 amps and 2900 salt. Should I continue with the off for a minute and back on?
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    Aquarite problem?

    A green light indicates that it is generating, but scrolling through the diagnostics it is showing 31.9 volts and 0 amps. Also the instantaneous salt level indicates 0. The average reading is 2800
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    Pool pump transition fittings

    Just curious; why is "high temp" needed?
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    Bubbles in returns after dumping water

    I have had to lower pool water level due to rain a few times lately, by pumping to waste. When I turn the filter valve back to circulate I get about 10-15 seconds of air bubbles from the returns. Does this indicate a possible leak in the return line or is it normal?
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    Am I being too picky???

    I think it will look better after plaster, tile coping etc.
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    Getting New Liner - Need advice on draining and removing old liner

    We had to have a liner replaced under warranty. They did not pull the light wiring out.