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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    I believe so... fairly close... welcome to, but sooner is better... if you have to order this it can take a few weeks to get. - - - Updated - - - Thank you!!
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Natural seems to come to mind.. but no specific memory as to what it is.
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Thank you! and Yep! You still have to try and match if you have other similar... I had to go to three places to get the correct version. - - - Updated - - - Thank you !
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    Las Vegas Build - It's like butter

    Just an update... anyone building a pool in Vegas wants to come by and take a look at the pool and setup is more than welcome.. just message me.. A few current pictures as my landscaping is starting to grow in... and the coral decking is beginning to age nicely... and works as advertised.. 100...
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    OB in VEGAS - Another one!!!! :)

    Some more Vegas input... your 12 in deep tanning shelf.. in order to have it 12 inch deep, you will need a step down as well, total from top of deck to bottom is a maximum of 12 inch without a step... FYI.. mine ended up being about 7-8 inches deep (top of water to bottom, because I didn't...
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    My OB in Vegas!

    Your pool came out great! Nice choices! perfect pool weather now too..
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    New build in Vegas

    Your pool came out great! Congrats! I bet the solar heating will heat it up very quickly now... I have a solar cover and my pool is at 84 already..
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    New to me SWG Pool

    1. once you obtain a salt level, you should never have to add salt, unless you drain out water and refill with fresh and even then only to the extent you replaced the salt water with the fresh. Evaporation and refilling does not affect the salt level (when evaporation occurs the salt content...
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    New borate drop test at piscines-apollo vs. test strip

    How do you dechlorinate the water?
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    Low Pool Water Temp - PH Level

    Okay.. thank you... perfect... and yes negative CSI
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    Low Pool Water Temp - PH Level

    FYI - My water temps in my pool have dropped low enough that the IC60 is not working, so I am manually adding bleach during the winter.. My question though is PH level related to water temp. I have been keeping my PH right around 7.6... But mainly due to the temp of the water (41F to 43F)...
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    New OB Peoria AZ

    If you know who your excavator is, ask them about rebar. Or talk to your gunite person (they want a good rebar person, because they typically guarantee their shell for life or just short thereof)... either of those subs usually know the good rebar guys. I had several to choose from that way...
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    And Yet Another New Build From Texas

    I am not sure your budget, but that design looks ripe for a negative edge on the back of the pool...
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    Pros/Cons of Building Yourself?

    What has already said here is really what its all about. The key to being your own builder is that you can control and change anything you want during the entire process. Also, you will find out that the little extras that a PB may charge you are all really free because the subs usually will...