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    Need help - how to replace / remove eyeball jet fittings

    I just removed my return fitting which are slip-in style as shown in the first picture. After some search I found the replacement parts: Inlet, Eyeball Ftg 1 1/2" Slip Eq (542002) - Within the pipe inside this return fitting, I also found broken Ventura tee (explained here) like...
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    Kokido RC25CBX/US Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner thoughts?

    Just saw a new wireless one at $245 on Amazon: Kokido RC25CBX/US Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner. No need to worry about dragging it out after 90min of running time. Any thoughts?
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    Revisit w/ new account to repair a humming pump WhisperFlo WEF-4 1 HP

    I used Tapatalk to access TFP before with the same email. Now this path is not there any more, and I cannot get my password back using the same email on this new account. So a new account after ~30min wasted
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    Pentair whisperflo WF-24 humming with no start - New Motor or whole new Pump?

    I have a similar humming symptom on a WEF-4 with 1HP motor as shown in the attached. Will open it up mine to check.
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    Revisit w/ new account to repair a humming pump WhisperFlo WEF-4 1 HP

    Have owned our house for 6.5 years and now our pump is not priming up but humming instead. I am watching YouTube videos and learned that this could be a stuck motor. Will give it a try shortly. It is nice to be back here again with new account. dabg