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    phasing out the pool guy?

    Thanks so much!
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    phasing out the pool guy?

    Here’s what we’ve got. Let me know if there is anything specific I should know. I do plan to read through the manuals.
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    phasing out the pool guy?

    Thanks so much! I'll take pics of my equipment pad later today and post for you guys to help me make sure I know what I have. I already have a TF100 test kit, so I can start testing at any point. School officially starts a week from today for the kids, but I might get a head start on this...
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    phasing out the pool guy?

    We've had this house a year, and so far have just continued to use the pool maintenance person that the previous owner used. I'd like to take over the pool care myself, though. In fact, my twin 6th graders are going to learn with me as part of their homeschool studies--pool chemistry with real...
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    new pool owner, what other information is helpful?

    Hi all! I'm a new pool owner. We moved to our new house over the weekend. We currently have a pool maintenance guy, but would love to take over the work ourselves, so I'm doing the research. I just found all of the pool equipment manuals, which was helpful for identifying what exactly I'm...
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    Moving to house with pool in 2 weeks!

    Hey all! I'm on here researching since we move in 2 weeks to a home with a pool, our first. We currently have arranged for a pool company to maintain for us so that it's ready the day we move in (kids will be DYING to swim!), but I was surprised at how expensive that is, and want to learn to do...