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    Conversion Costs/ Potential Benefits

    From where I sit, having a pool costs money anyway so it is a trade off of convenience vs cost. I happen to enjoy the challenge of keeping up my pool, and I totally do not miss schlepping a 4 gallon crate of chlorine from the trunk of my car into my back yard, not to mention dumping in a 1/2...
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    Hayward purchase on Amazon

    A tiny bit off topic, but can you put in a surge protector? If they are high due to being 240v, you can run your SWG on 120v and get an inexpensive one. Regarding Hayward SWG, IMO their warranty is short for such a high priced item. Circupool is longer, tech support is great and you don’t feel...
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    Wild Animals Friends That Like to Use My Pool

    We had an owl move in. Then my ankle biter dog telepathically asked me “Where did all my squirrels go?” Gulp.
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    Tips and Tricks

    IMO, it is important to keep your electronics cool. What I did was make a small hinged screen door using sun screen fabric. You can buy a small kit at a big box store. All you need is small hinges and a latch. The best latch of all turned out to be a short piece of small vacuum hose and a...
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    Brand new Circupool sj-45 shuts off after salt and cell lights turn on red

    Is the circuit breaker 20 amp or 15? 12 gauge wire or 14? I think we are morphing into electrician country here.
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    Check Salt and Check Cell lights on

    Try an Arts & Craft store.
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    Tips and Tricks

    For those who have the right access and geometery: We use round edge to edge pool covers. So I cut them in two so you have a 1/2 circle. (mine had a glue seam down the middle). Then regardless of how you fold, bundle, or squash your covers on removal, two people can put them on by grasping the...
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    LED color changing?

    I just did that. I put in an LED. Prior to that, I floated the base in the water to check for a cord leak just in case. BTW, mine was the same base as a regular light bulb. My led was by Toveenen, made in China of course.
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    What is the best underwater sealant for stainless.

    One hour so far….LOL!
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    What is the best underwater sealant for stainless.

    My aircraft mechanic buddy suggested Permatex RTV. I sanded the area where the RTV would go, then acid washed it with muriatic acid, and then glued it. I’ll be installing Tuesday afternoon after tne 24hr cure time. He suggested a “Plan B”...
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    What is the best underwater sealant for stainless.

    Where the cord goes into the water sealed light fixture. Time for me to bail for today. Thanks.
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    What is the best underwater sealant for stainless.

    The seal that leaks is in the underwater place where the cord goes through.
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    What is the best underwater sealant for stainless.

    The light can is a American Products, and is stainless steel. Does anyone have a tried and true method of sealing where the cord comes in? Hopefully, something easy to find at a good hardware/auto store. Is JB Weld paste epoxy any good? Thanks in advance.
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    Pool light housing leak

    I’m going to be doing a bulb replacement soon. Has anyone considered “Flex Seal” (that you see on TV) to spray on possible water entry points after the fixture is reassembled? I wondering if it is a good idea or not.
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    CYA testing...and the black dot magic trick

    What I do is after the first or second visual, I fill the reading tube to where I want it to be and see if I see the dot. From there can feel “close enough”.