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    Single speed pump vs. Variable speed pump

    At 3/4 hp running at a proper schedule it will take a few years for a vsp to equal the cost, but running your pump 24/7 I wouldn't be surprised if it's 1 year.
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    Wondering your thoughts

    Trash video, were you entertained as that's all it's worth
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    PH and Sodium Hypochlorite

    Use the k1000 that comes with the tf100
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    1st SLAM, persistent floor algae

    Over by the robot the floor was clear of debris, you can kinda see a line in the last picture where there is debris and not. Took 3 backwashes and I got most of it with the vaccum. Pic uploader didn't work yesterday and I was buzy. Tested 3 times over the course of the day, if I recall 8, 6.5...
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    1st SLAM, persistent floor algae

    I backwashed a few days before, I run my filter from 11->14 psi typically. I started yesterday at 11 psi and now I am at 13. July 5 8:30am test and remove robot FC 7 Cc 1 I think I may have broken the algae production as the fc was dropping faster before, only took 2.5 gallons of 10%. I'm...
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    1st SLAM, persistent floor algae

    1130 pm, test brush robot dose FC 4.5 Before, look at water clarity! After brushing
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    1st SLAM, persistent floor algae

    Wait till the morning, I certainly hope for better but we will see
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    1st SLAM, persistent floor algae

    I'm calling this my 1st slam because I've only had to bump the clorine twice in the 4+ years of tfp style of pool care, didn't really need to hold the fc to fix the problem. I think my problem started last year of floor algae taking ahold in the creases and wrinkles of the liner and inside my...
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    Is a 10” intex sand filter too weak for a vacuum?

    Did you prime the hose with the return first?
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    Pump peculiarities with the electrics

    Might want to see if they sell a 1/2 hp pump as if they don't the chances messing up impellers is lower Typically those watts meters are inaccurate and only good for comparing.
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    Pump peculiarities with the electrics

    My guess is that they use a 1/2 hp motor for both 1/2 hp and 1/3 hp impellers, and you got a 1/3 hp labeled motor with a 1/2 hp impeller Probably wrong
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    Frame damaged by salt

    It's the clorine, and cheap Intex parts, not salt
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    Hard to put up pool....

    Most sod cutters have trouble in my area, so a square shovel cutting bricks works. Then I put the bricks in the front yard to grow Bermuda there. Yeah over it
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    Would this foam board work?

    Eps works and there is a few members with it, but eps doesn't do as well v water than xps, so if xps is available get that, if it's just a price point.......
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    Intex 18’ x 9’ XPS with pressure treated boards advise.

    Find some pavers or pour a concrete footer, wood plus water won't work