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    Jandy aquapure 1400 dead after less than 4 years

    I am somewhat disappointed. I have zealously maintained my chemistry since we built the pool but it looks like my salt cell is dead. The cell has never needed cleaning for calcium buildup, my CSI is always slightly negative yet the three plates connected to the power connections have all gone...
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Yes the hairnets go inside the basket. If you put them outside they'll probably end up in your pump basket.
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    Jandy lights failing yearly

    I have 4 of the Jandy nicheless LED lights in my pool that was finished in September 2015. They (Jandy) have just replaced all 4 as a set for the sixth time (yes I do mean 6)! The fault in each case was color drift - ie the blue became gradually more green and then the light output gradually...
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    Muratic acid storage

    It's getting cold in Texas for the next few days. The pool pump system will take care of itself with it's freeze protection but I'm starting to worry about the tank of acid and stenner pump that live outside. The tank holds about 10 gallons of a 20% mix of 20 baume muriatic acid and water. If...
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    Finally Filling the new pool up

    I love your tiles for the waterline and spotters!
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Installed my new (to me) Stenner pump for acid injection and wired it into the Aqualink for control. Got sunburnt too...
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    Mark swimming lane

    I don't see why 1" tiles set in the bottom of the pool would be an issue. I had a custom mosaic put in the bottom of my pool using 1" tiles. Whilst it is a solid mass of tiles that is cut to shape, there are some that are exposed to the plaster on 3 sides. The tile and coping guys set them in...
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    Pentair SAM light and GFCI tripping

    I'd suspect the GFCI is faulty. If you're comfortable with working on electrics, turn the GFCI off, prove that its output is dead and then disconnect the outgoing connection to the transformer. Then turn the GFCI back on and see if it trips again. If it doesn't repeat the exercise with the next...
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    I made a pool logger

    As a salt cell user FC loss isn't as interesting to me, pH and acid consumption is more my thing. That would need an extra field to record acid dosing though...
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    Leak expert is as baffled as I am.

    Only thing that occurs to me is that there could be a leak in the skimmer plumbing that is above the pool water level. ie at the equipment pad where it comes out of the ground. When the skimmer is running this pipe will be full of water and so could leak if the flow was low. But, this would...
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    Leak expert is as baffled as I am.

    Have you got separate skimmer and main drain lines all the way to your equipment pad?
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    I made a pool logger

    That was going to be one of my requests!
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    How to set VSP pump speed schedule in iAqualink?

    So the iAqualink system (well more the Aqualink) has a few quirks to understand to make the scheduling work. I initially configured some "one touch" functions to turn on my filter pump output and then select the speed. These worked fine from the iAqualink app and web site, but the scheduler...
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    New Pool - Southern New Jersey

    All the electrical runs were included in our price. The distance estimates were put in at the start and there was never any suggestion that if they were wrong (ie the PB sales guy measured them wrong) that we would have to make up the difference. I'd take it up with the PB and see what they can do.
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    I made a pool logger

    Also, whilst the features are creeping in... It would be useful to be able to enter past history - ie the previous few years data. I have several pads with the results diligently recorded that I intend to put into excel.