Jandy aquapure 1400 dead after less than 4 years


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Mar 3, 2015
I am somewhat disappointed. I have zealously maintained my chemistry since we built the pool but it looks like my salt cell is dead. The cell has never needed cleaning for calcium buildup, my CSI is always slightly negative yet the three plates connected to the power connections have all gone black / blue and the control unit is reporting code 120.

I spoke to my local jandy rep and he said to clean it with acid. There were no bubbles and it made no difference. I measured 38V accross the cell and 105mV at the cell current test point. My conclusion is that I need a new cell.

Now the reason for my dissapointment. When the pool was built I specified the PLC 1400 cell that is intended for pools upto 40k gallons. Because my pool is 13.5k gallons I thought that the cell would last much longer because less chlorine would be needed. It seems that I'm wrong here.

I don't want to change to liquid chlorine - too much faff even with an injection pump.So would I be better off replacing the cell with the smaller and hopefully cheaper PLC 700 cell? Or would that last me 2 years at best?

Water conditios for reference:
Cl is typically 4-6ppm assuming I brush enough!
pH is always between 7.2 & 7.8, typical is 7.5
TA is typically 60
CH is between 300 & 375
CYA is between 50 & 70
Salt is between 2800 & 3400
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Mar 2, 2011
Do you see the two small screws by the prongs?

Remove the screws and pry off the little plastic part that has 3 holes that go over the prongs.

Is the center prong loose?