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    What is this?

    The electrical inspector spent a total of 3 minutes on site. I did speak with pool builder. They’re sending someone out to make the connections in November. Pool is closed until May, so no rush. Glad they took ownership of it, even if it took a few emails.
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    What is this?

    Any suggestions?
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    What is this?

    So I took a look this morning. Our heater, the anode and the pump itself are all tied into the bond loop. Do I need to tie that permacast Union into it as well? It passed inspection (I know that doesn’t mean much) as is. If you think it’s necessary, it’s a $12 job. Just seems odd they...
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    What is this?

    Hmm. That was never bonded. The anode in the plumbing is. Should I be concerned?
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    What is this?

    Never noticed this before. This coupler is between our pump inlet and main drain/skimmer diverter. Never saw this metal piece attached to it. What is it and what does it do?
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    Backwashing leaves DE on my Grids

    Same here. Quad DE and I only backwash just prior to complete disassembly and cleaning so I can send the debris and old DE down the backwash house to keep much less DE scattered around my pad. Pollen aside (that was a mess, I’ll never open in April again!), the hairnets have been amazing. I...
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    Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Dashboard Instructional Guide

    @rstrouse remind me…. What’s the commands for GitHub pulling that we should be performing to keep everything up to date on this? Or, is it more of a “if it ain’t broke” situation.
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    Umbrella holders in lawn/concrete suggestions

    Well, my wife decided to tackle this solo :) We now have cantilevered umbrellas on a water filled base. I have to laugh because now she can’t move them due to the weight and they are quite cumbersome. I have no issues with the build quality, but yeah, they’re hefty. I’ll take some pics this...
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    Umbrella holders in lawn/concrete suggestions

    I almost have my convinced to go with a shade sail. However; she wants something where I can take down the posts. Might have to get creative.
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    How many actuators with IntelliCenter i10PS

    Do any of the GitHub offerings make IntelliValve communication possible?
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    How many actuators with IntelliCenter i10PS

    As per the intellicenter manual: The IntelliCenter Control System can control up to four IntelliValve automatic valve actuators via a RS-485 four conductor connection. for more information, see the IntelliCenter® Control Panel User’s Guide (P/N 522990). Two of the standard valve outputs are...
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    Incorrect installation of SWG?

    You can’t. At least no way that I can think of (I tried multiple methods!). But it is labeled as the Intellichlor circuit.