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    Getting ready for install

    They will likely run everything and then winterize. We just had ours installed NOV 4 and then winterized dec 18.
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    Heating for Christmas - how long

    The day they filled our pool with water from the truck it was 54 degree water. I was committed to going in. Threw my wetsuit (5 m) on and it was COLD. Then while winterizing, PB dropped the return line plug into the deep end. I volunteered to grab my dry suit (with thermoelectric...
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    How do you pay for your pool install?

    Cash. Wife and I debated a pool for 10 years, so I kept saving. Felt good to just cut a few checks. I wanted to use my credit card and earn miles, but PB would make me pay the 3% fee (which is understandable).
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    Did Pentair start rodent proofing heaters?

    Update. Just went outside again and temporarily put a piece of flex-seal tape over the gas line hole, until I run the gas line over the winter (too be honest, rodents aren't much of an issue in NJ this time of year). I also looked at the metal reflective plate surrounding the exhaust and it is...
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    Did Pentair start rodent proofing heaters?

    We just had our pool equipment installed and I wanted to make sure that I am diligent and rodent proof our MasterTemp 300 heater. I was on the MK RodentProof website to buy a precut kit and noticed that our heater doesn’t match their “A” or “B” kit. It seems as though our heater already some...
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    New Fiberglass install in Clarksville TN (Dig started Nov 16, 2020)

    This comment right here explains the difference between north and south Jersey. Back when I lived in Morris county, my lawn was amazing. Down in SJ, my lawn is comprised of bad decisions and regret. 2/3 of my lawn can’t hold water and the other third saturates. I really had to redo my entire...
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Thanks! I certainly appreciated your build thread throughout our process. May or may not have taken some ideas :) Just FYI, our cover is made by GLI. It’s the solid hyperlite: HyPerLite Safety Cover
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Sadly, pool is now winterized and cover was installed today. Can’t wait to get landscaping finished in early spring and start enjoying the pool a few weeks after that! Thank you all the offered up assistance and just checked out the thread to follow along.
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    IntelliCenter OCP Load Center / Equipment Pad – Modifications and Retrofit

    I finally got around to taking pics of our load center. Laughing, because it doesn’t compete with yours! You did inspire me, @MyAZPool , as I ran the extra cat6a for the serial connection and included surge protectors for both internet and serial runs (I also put an 80ka surge protector on our...
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    Reasonable patio size to surround 20' x 30' inground pool?

    We have a similar sized pool (ish). Our pool is 16 x 37 and included 4’ decking around the pool. We added 8’, making it 12’ wide on one side. We are glad we did! Provides room to comfortably walk around fully reclined chaise lounges.
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    Drainage issue into my pool

    Is putting in recharge trench out of the question? Just a bunch of buried perforated drain pipe covered with filter fabric surrounded by gravel? Should be easiest way to capture surface water and hold it while it ha a chance to soak back into the ground slowly.
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    I do really like the little details they did. They also fit these clear, hollow covers for the dewatering tube and the skimmer. Then those were filled with concrete and stamped along with the deck making them seamlessly integrated. They simply have two finger holes to remove the lid. Was a...
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Thanks! That was the compromise for my wife. I wanted a pool for actual swimming and to teach my kids scuba (I’m a dive master :)). She wanted the sun ledge, so this was a great compromise. The “waterfall” spillway is a nice aesthetic bonus.
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    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Almost done. I still need to run gas line (that was on me from the start), but since just got the upgraded meter and service line from SJ Gas installed, I’ll wait until spring to run it (PB says he won’t start my warranty until then!). We may have to wait until spring to seal the concrete due...
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    IntelliCenter OCP Load Center / Equipment Pad – Modifications and Retrofit

    What’s the “mailbox“ cover you’ve got over the pump? Everything looks fantastic!