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    IntelliCenter beginner questions

    You need to tap "Settings" on the home screen and then select the "Service Mode" option. From that screen you can change to "Auto" mode.
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    pH sensors that don't have to be calibrated

    Looks the same as what I ordered: 4-20mA converter on Amazon Double the price at $8 for two, but you do get two day delivery.
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    pH sensors that don't have to be calibrated

    Congrats, great progress! Any detail you could give on the 4-20ma converter you used and the work it took to get it working would be very helpful. I'm in the process of doing this myself, but just in the starting phase. Thanks..
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    Suggestion for improving "Add Chemicals" in Pool Math app

    Yes, that seems to work, and 10% is now the default. Thanks.
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    Suggestion for improving "Add Chemicals" in Pool Math app

    335, which I think is the latest.
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    Suggestion for improving "Add Chemicals" in Pool Math app

    Thanks for the app, it's very useful. I'd like to see the "Add Chemicals" flow streamlined. Adding bleach is the most common thing I do on the app, and it's pretty much always adding 32 or 64 oz of 10% bleach. Currently I think it takes something like 11 taps to add one of these entries. It...
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    Water loss into autocover box/trench

    Same problem here. We have a lap pool and are losing quite a bit of water on every turn at that end of the pool. Haven't quantified it yet, but between kids splashing and swimming laps it's adding up to quite a bit of loss. I'm surprised this problem isn't discussed more. One of the benefits...
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    How soon after filling pool can you use it?

    You should be able to fill your pool in less than two days. Use multiple hoses. A bigger 3/4” hose that is as short as possible will give you higher flow. Good luck.
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    Staining on old grout in a tiled pool.

    What type of grout was originally used? Seems like you'd want to avoid that given your experience with it. We are just completing a similar build and have been very happy with Bisazza fillgel epoxy grout. My understanding is that epoxy is definitely the way to go. Don't have any experience...
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    Recommended levels for pools having tile surface

    For the case of an all tile pool with epoxy grout, I assume treating it like vinyl is the right thing to do? That’s my situation and will be starting up soon with fill water that has CH of 20ppm. I’m wondering if it will be okay to leave the CH low and run a very negative CSI.
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    Low Salt SWG

    No, I plan on plumbing them in series to avoid having to double the flow rate. Although Hayward does recommend parallel, this thread convinced me that series will be fine:
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    Low Salt SWG

    Actually have two of them for that reason. They will be plumbed in series. Definitely an experiment, will see how it works out..
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    Low Salt SWG

    I have this unit and plan to run my salt level in the 1500 ppm range. I haven't opened the pool yet so don't have operational experience with it. You can't buy these from US retailers, but you can buy them on Ebay, which is where I got mine. My assumption is that you won't get any warranty...
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    Sealant between decking and tile

    What about the case where the glass tile meets an aluminum track for an automatic cover? Should that also not be grouted? Because of the glass/metal joint, my understanding is that it should be caulked. The track is screwed into the bond beam. The track is covered by mortar and coping. It...
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    Bonding spa water separately from pool water?

    Will definitely have everything bonded together. Was just saying that we need to bond the spa water in addition to bonding the pool water. It seems like some pool/spa combos just bond the pool water and ignore the spa water. That was our plan, but after thinking about it, we'll bond both at...