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    Calcium Spots or Black Alage

    I actually do have alot of spots on the bottom and on the walls.
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    Calcium Spots or Black Alage

    What would you recommend I use to remove? Should I do muratic acid over each spot using a pole and hose? I saw some thread on lowering the TA to 0 and that might help to remove them.
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    Calcium Spots or Black Alage

    Here are a few more photos. Why the dark area around the white nodule?
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    Calcium Spots or Black Alage

    Even if this pool is 7 years old? Why would I be seeing this now?
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    Calcium Spots or Black Alage

    I have been dealing with these hard white/grayish spots on the bottom and walls of my concrete pool. I am in the middle of a SLAM/MUSTARD algae shock as we speak. The reason for this is that I did also have some issues with algae. I recently connected new Intellichlor salt water system and...
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    I have a gunite pool that I have been battling stains with for the past couple years. The stains are like a yellowish to orange color. I have had success in the past using a product called Stop Stains, but it requires so much to treat the pool that it is nearly $100 each time. My PH typically...
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    Salt Cell issues

    I have an intellichlor salt cell. All last summer I dealt with it not producing any or enough chlorine. So I used mostly liquid chlorine all last summer. This season we have acid washed it, although no scale was visible on the blades and it did not bubble up. I was told a few weeks ago at...
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    Filling with Well Water

    I have had issues with staining in the past in my plaster pool. My question is since I am on well water, every time I need to add fill water to the pool, would you also recommend at the same time I always add a metal sequestering agent?