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    Check out this propeller driven pool lounger Personal, Powered Pool Lounger Check out this propeller driven pool lounger. That is awesome and it even has cup holders!!!
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    Pool Collapsed

    That was an incredible project and scrap book. I would say that he could defiantly answer your questions. Good luck I hope it turns out to not be as much work as his but if it is I hope it turns out as well. Please keep up updated it is such an interesting system (wood wall pools) Please...
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    My Finished Grill Island

    That looks great and I for one would also be very interested in you build and more pictures. Thank you, for posting.
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    What Happened to the post about the Lowes coupon?

    What Happened to the post about the Lowes coupon? I was going to send this info to my friends but cant find it now
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    Pool deck needs TLC, have questions

    Kool Deck Cool Crete and other such coating are added after the concrete is poured on mostly cured. Contrary to what you have assumed this is an upgrade from your neighbors. It does a great job of keeping your feet from burning on the concrete as well as adding a degree of nonslip properties...
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    Black Rim for Light

    Did you find anything?
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    Any way to get bigger vacuum hole?

    Oh, That is something I didnt know. Is your basket round? Some of the ones I just looked at on line are and that is the seat location for the adaptor.
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    Any way to get bigger vacuum hole?

    Most pool supply stores should carry them. I use one it works great. Here is a link to one for less than $12.00. ... er-Marker/
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    Spring opening disaster! HELP!

    CYA (Cyanuric acid) – This ingredient protects your chlorine from being completely consumed by the Sun. Typical ranges are 30-60ppm for a standard pool and 60-80ppm for a pool with an SWG. This comes straight from the “stickies” that can be accessed easily from the home page. If you...
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    Watermon from Pool Forum with great test results

    From post on Pool Forum "Results today from MRI and CAT scans show ALL CLEAR!!!! It has not spread at this point past the breast and lymph nodes under my arm. Thank you, God! Next will be surgery to put in a port through which my chemo infusions will be given and then I will start chemo soon...
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    Dents in bottom of pool - help

    If they are getting bigger over time that may be due to pin hole or small leak. Dont know anything about above ground pools but that would make sense to me.
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    ***Testimonial contest - win a Free Test Kit!*** (HURRY!)

    Brent from Gulfport, Mississippi Trouble free pools has really opened my eyes to the truth and simplicity of water chemistry. The knowledge base is absolutely incredible and the willingness to take the time to share boggles my mind. Instead of blindly dumping in HUGE amounts of chemicals at...
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    Chair Lift/Handicapped access for IGP

    The Pro Pool Lift on that website is the one I have supplied for some of the hotels we have built. It works nice that it can be stored in out of the elements.
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    Does anyone know any tricks for getting stuck PVC loose?

    I have a Polaris cleaner with the quick disconnect. It came with the house/pool and last year I had to cut off this fitting and buy a new one. It was stuck on and I assumed that the old owners just didn’t use it and over time it oxidized effectively bonding the pieces. Well I bought a new...
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    Best/Worst Pool Paint

    This is the directions from the website ... e-area.asp "The amount of coating you will need for your pool is closely related to the smoothness of the pool surface. You will also need to know the total square feet of your pool interior. How to figure...