Watermon from Pool Forum with great test results


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Apr 16, 2007
Gulfport Mississippi
From post on Pool Forum

"Results today from MRI and CAT scans show ALL CLEAR!!!! It has not spread at this point past the breast and lymph nodes under my arm. Thank you, God! Next will be surgery to put in a port through which my chemo infusions will be given and then I will start chemo soon.

Thanks again to all here who have been praying for me and please continue to do so.

Watermom "

I saw this post and thougt that alot of people would be happy to know.

I think that like me alot of the members here started off reading that site and came here so we could register.

Anyway this is good news.

I couldent find the thread that refered to this issue to follow up so I opened a new one.

If it needs to be moved please feel free.
May 12, 2008
Charleston, WV
Hope I'm not posting too much about this, but several people have asked that I keep them updated. I had another surgery this morning to insert a port through which my chemo infusions will be given. Surgery went fine and pain isn't too bad with it. Darn! Now, I have to be patient for it to heal so I can again get back into my pool! :roll: Water temp in the low 80s and air temp in the 90s. I want to swim!!!

Next on the agenda is chemo which will begin next Tuesday, June 17. I again want to thank those people who have offered good wishes and prayers on my behalf.



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Mar 29, 2007
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Lisa, spend your energy on getting better - don't ever worry about how your posts are received!
You have earned a lot of love, respect and good will from all the help you've given to pool owners! :goodjob: Those who know you want nothing less than a quick and full recovery!

Luv and Luk -- Ted