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    How to remove/close old offline chlorinator connections?

    The previous owners installed an offline chlorinator (Pentair Rainbow 300). I don't want to continue using the chlorinator because there is no check valve to protect the heater, and there is not enough space to easily install one. Is there a way to remove/cap off the hose connections sticking...
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    How to air lock main drain in IG spa with no diverter valve?

    I recently inherited an in ground pool/spa and I'm a bit confused about the plumbing setup/main drain and how I would air lock it. Some info on my pool setup (Also see attachment for pics of setup): Inground vinyl pool/spa 1 pump, can only pull from pool OR spa, not both (has to be controlled...
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    Pool Turned very Cloudy Overnight (First Time Pool Owner)(K-2006 test results)

    So far I’ve added 4lbs of CYA (2lbs early afternoon yesterday, 2lbs late evening). Both fully dissolved using the sock method you mentioned above... so thanks for the tip. problem is I still am not getting any CYA reading using my K-2006 test kit. The sample is not clouding even the slightest...
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    Pool Turned very Cloudy Overnight (First Time Pool Owner)(K-2006 test results)

    Thanks for the quick response! I will definitely do that today. Does it matter which order I am adding CYA/Chlorine? Do I have to wait in between adding one or the other? For the first 3 weeks I was back washing and vacuuming to waste like crazy, so a lot of water was replaced. But in the...
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    Resurrecting a neglected pool

    $650 here in NJ. I'm sure we got taken to the cleaners (Even by NJ price standards) but it was our first time ever opening a pool so we had no clue what to do/expect.
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    Pool Contractor Issues- - Any Advice Appreciated

    Is asking for half upfront typical? To me it sounds like he has credit issues and he can't cover the upfront costs to even start the project. I've always been told to look out for contractors who ask for too much upfront before starting work.
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    Pool Turned very Cloudy Overnight (First Time Pool Owner)(K-2006 test results)

    Hi all, we just moved into our new house which has a pool (24k gallons, Vinyl inground w/ DE Filter) and was hoping I could get some advice. For the first 4 weeks of having the pool open I was using test strips to test and add chemicals and eventually I got my pool crystal clear (A combination...