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    MD - VA - PA - DE - DC - When are you opening?

    NEPA here, opened last Saturday (4/10). Started out at 50 degrees and pool was clear and 85 degrees by Sunday night. Kids were just in today.
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    NE PA Opening

    Very true, good thing my pool is not above ground. :)
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    NE PA Opening

    My pool fills right up to the top and actually overflows during the winter (if it isn't frozen yet). When I close it, I pump it down below the skimmer but it doesn't take long before it fills back up.
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    NE PA Opening

    Kids did... not me! I rarely go in even in the summer.
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    NE PA Opening

    Opened my pool on Saturday. Water was still clear with light sediment on the bottom. Since pool is over-full from winter, vacuumed to waste and had it clean in about 20 minutes. Cranked heater up, started at 50 degrees, was up to 85 by the Sunday night. Chems were pretty close to being spot on ...
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    New T-CELL-15 Instant Salt Reading Low

    Just an update, a while back I contacted the seller (Pool Supply 4 Less) and they finally got in touch with Hayward about the missing serial number sticker and Hayward sent me out a new T-Cell-15. The new one does have the sticker with serial 3E20247-704915.
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    TF-100 Chlorine Cylinder Losing Markings?

    Mine is losing the markings as well. I used a knife to scribe a line at the 10ml mark so I could still see it.
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    PH always high... cant seem to get it lower

    Aerating increases pH. If you already have high pH, you do not need to aerate when you add MA to lower TA. Just add the MA and let the ph come back up on its own unless it's super low.
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    Adding Cyanuric to Pool

    Well I might as well add my two cents. When I add CYA, normally its about one pound. I put it in a sock, hang it over the return, kneel down and keep squeezing it with my bare hands for about 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes max and the entire thing is dissolved in that time. My hand hasn't fallen...
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    Installing SWG - Looking for advice

    It lowers pH, you will never really need to raise pH unless it is super low, because as a by-product of an SWCG, it raises pH on its own when generating chlorine. I chose the CO2 system because all I need is a 20lb can of CO2 which is available at almost any welding store or beverage store -...