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    Intex salt water sand pump filter programming and issue

    I'm thinking you're not understanding how that system works. The 6 hour chlorinator and 7 hour pump times would result in a 7 hour total run time, not 13. Being familiar with Intex and how poorly they explain how their systems work, I'm not even sure you CAN set the pump to continue running...
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    Hello. I need your help

    I have a thought. Maybe it's already been asked and answered and I missed it, but you said you got the pool 6 years ago and that you've been cleaning the filter 1-2x a day. Is the filter cartridge 6 years old? They should be replaced every 3 to 5 years. Have you gotten a new one?(two would...
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    Intex Filter Leaking at Leaf catcher

    That would be strange since it doesn't go there. There is an large o-ring that goes around the outer lip of the lid itself so that when you put the lid on, it will be between the outer lip of the lid and inner lip of the basket. It should not be on the plastic ring that screws the lid down...
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    Put the pool up...and it's not level by 3 inches

    Looks like your guy's first mistake was ADDING dirt/sand to the low side. Nope. Dead wrong. When setting up on earthen ground, REMOVE dirt from the high side, never add to the low side. Second huge mistake is no pavers or boards. Also, with these pools if you're going to use any sort of...
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    Bent horizintal pole

    Soft sided pool's top rails are NOT designed to hold ANY weight. Whomever is standing or stepping on them needs to stop. Today. Right now. And never do it gain.
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    Intex Filter Leaking at Leaf catcher

    Is the plastic ring that's inside the basket that secures the basket to the housing screwed on tight enough? What does the o-ring look like? It's possible that it's gotten old and brittle/cracked and shrunken, therefore not functional anymore? (best practice to wipe every piece of rubber...
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    Can you recommend Thru-wall skimmer for Intex pool?

    New skimmer in. Working great. Needed NO adapters for the intex hoses, surprisingly. Was even able to install the hayward eyeball into the pool instead of the intex "aerator" return with no adapters, just an extra flat washer, and that's working great too. Much better than Intex's fixtures...
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    Intex Sight Glass Removal

    It just screws off. Use a cloth wrapped around it so it doesn't scratch, and some channel lock pliers. But, that water goes out, not in. It does make it hard to see if the water is clear, though, when you backwash.
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    Confer A frame ladder is an algea farm - will drilling more holes hurt/help?

    I bought ours used and it was an algae farm, too. I just put the hose into every hole on high-stream, turned it on each side and blasted it out. When we took it out of our pool last summer, we didn't have the same problem again.
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    Intex 14X42 Ultra Frame discontinued, need replacement

    Yep, but get online at the end of summer and see if there are any clearance sales on pools. There may not be this year, but it's worth a shot.
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    Securing Confer Ladder

    I have a 16' x 48' Intex XTR and a Confer Model 7100X ladder that I would like to secure to the ground. My entire backyard is blacktop, so the pool is set up on foam insulation boards and foam puzzle floor mats. Trouble is, all that foam makes the ladder unstable. I thought about adding...
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    Intex 14X42 Ultra Frame discontinued, need replacement

    We had a 14x42 Summer Escapes(now called Summer Waves) pool for years. I only upgraded to the Intex XTR for the larger size since the kids got bigger. The Summer Escapes/Waves was a good pool once all the upgrades were done(intex sand filter, intex hoses and fixtures, etc.) When we switched...
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    Intex auto cleaner

    I had to replace the return on my Summer Escapes/Summer Waves brand to a Large Intex return. It was easy and not expensive. You'll need an adapter/reducer to go down to the Summer Waves pool hoses, but, again, easy and inexpensive.
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    DECIDED ON INTEX! Suggestions Wanted - Intex XTR vs "Real" AGP

    I would also suggest getting someone to come out and get a quote to install, survey your yard to make sure you CAN put a permanent pool in. My girlfriend was going to do the same and she has a HUGE backyard. Turns out, because of underground pipes, electrical lines, etc..she couldn't put a...