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    Pool dig started Manteca, CA

    That's aluminum wire, so now you're down to 40 amps capacity. Definitely going to need to pull a new run.
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    Pool dig started Manteca, CA

    The NEC has rules about amperage for conductor size and voltage drop calculators use voltage, amps, and length of wire to determine wire size. The breaker size is determined by load requirements of the equipment or wire ampacity.
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    Need Pressure relief air valve for blower in spa at condo complex

    Once you know what pressure you need you can find a relief valve that will work. I'm sure there are others, but I know that Fuji makes blower pressure relief valves that should work. Here's one place that has them. Fuji Vacuum Pressure Relief Valves
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    Pool dig started Manteca, CA

    If it's #6 copper it's good for 55 amps, so you're really pushing it to run what you've listed above. The heat pump alone will max it out when it starts. In my opinion you're going to need much larger wiring.
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    Circuit Board Aquarite Goldline SWG

    On an Aquarite the first thing you need to check is the thermistor if you haven't already. That's the number one part that fails on those units. The article that JamesW linked to has a good testing procedure for those units.
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    Need Pressure relief air valve for blower in spa at condo complex

    You can buy PVC relief valves but they're expensive. You can also buy spring check valves with 2 or 3 psi springs in them that would act as a relief valve. Since it's not a safety device it doesn't have to be certified like safety relief valves have to be. Do you have a pressure gauge on the...
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    Load shedding a heat pump

    That's a DPDT relay. They're using it to interface the control circuit so you're not supplying power from a secondary source.
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    Load shedding a heat pump

    Can you tell us what the relay does, or give us a make and model? I would think that it has some delay capability to keep the compressor from restarting too soon.
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    Lower Water Level in AGP for Winter - exactly why?

    Imagine you have an ABG in one of the places where the water freezes almost solid. In those areas it's a good idea to lower the water level so the column is mostly smooth and can easily swell up as it freezes. The instructions are designed to cover most places without damage so that's why...
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    Propane tank handle won't close

    As Allen said, use some Channellock pliers or a small pipe wrench to help get it started. Then it should close. The propane tank valve has a backseat and some people turn them pretty hard in the open direction in order to seat them and that makes it kinda hard to get it to start to close.
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    Sizing a Stenner Peristaltic pump for liquid chlorine.

    Sounds good to me. With the adjustable injection pump you can dial in the amount you need to inject during the run time. You'll need to go with a pump large enough to make sure it can inject the amount needed. For a 22,000 gallon pool you're going to require about 2 quarts of 12% per day. so...
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    Spa 120V to 240V conversion - not heating...

    Yes the Stenner pump is for chlorine dosing. I started out with an Intermatic timer on it, but now I use an Insteon Outdoor Timer. The pump hangs on the wall just above a 15 gallon blue drum. And the injection fitting is threaded into the return plumbing just past the filter. The pump has been...
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    Spa 120V to 240V conversion - not heating...

    If the wiring matches and you're sure you have 240 volts to the pack, then I'd try setting switch 7 to standard. If it's not that I'd start checking the heater to make sure it's getting 240 volt power to it.
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    Did you pay sales tax on your Leisure Pool Products?

    Alabama passed a law that any online sales whether they have a physical presence or not has to charge a sales tax on items shipped to the state. So Georgia may have a similar law and Virginia may not.
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    Cold Plunge Pool... Geothermal Cooling???

    Allen, why wouldn't you run the pool water through the loop? If you put an exchanger in the circuit you're just going to use water to one side of the exchanger and pool water on the other side. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me the only thing you're doing is adding the losses created by the exchanger...