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    Goldline to EcoStar - controls not operating pump

    That was posted back in 2015 so the location has changed. Just search for the EcoDiagnostics and you should find it. Ecostar-Diagnostics
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    SWG newbie - will I need 820 lbs of salt?

    As said above, Do Not assume that it's zero. The best thing is to get a salt test kit, but in the mean time, Run a sample of your fill water to the nearest pool store and have them test it for salt. Don't let them sell you anything just get the readout for salt level.
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    leaking sand filter..

    That looks like a Pentair SD series filter. You can take some measurements and figure out which model you have. The black part in the first pic is the drain. There's a cap on it that is sealed by an o-ring. You can take that off and drain the filter. There's a second part to that drain, it's...
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    Stenner Pump System

    Most any Stenner pump would work depending on how much you want to run the main pump. A lot of people go with a fixed rate 10 gpd pump and run it with their automation system or a timer. A lot of people buy the Stenner tank to go with the pump, but people also use 15 gallon plastic barrels...
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    Help identifying thing on pipe

    Looks like a pressure switch to me.
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    Stenner pump - 1 stenner, 2 chlorine tanks?

    I think you'll find that it won't work that way. It will probably work for a little while, but unless everything about the two suction lines are exactly the same one will outpace the other. Even if everything is the same, one side will invariably draw a little more than the other and empty one...
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    Stenner pump - 1 stenner, 2 chlorine tanks?

    If you plumbed the tanks bottom to bottom so that they equalized by gravity, you certainly could do it. Otherwise you're going to need some way to transfer the liquid from one tank to the other.
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    Threaded unions and Buna-N o-rings, OK to use?

    The chlorine is so low in pool water that Buna-N is fine to use without degradation for years.
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    Separated Upright On Pool

    I agree with what Dave (Teald024) said. Looks like you can take the top rail off and reset the top channel and reinstall the brackets and top rail.
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    Double-check me before I order new pump/filter?

    Building a cover isn't a bad idea, but there are tons of equipment left out in the elements for years. I would at the very least paint the pvc pipe.
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    Double-check me before I order new pump/filter?

    Wireform gave you good advice. Forget the glass. If you want to keep the sand filter just deep clean the sand (there are instructions here for doing that). Going to a variable speed pump and an SWCG is a good choice. The good news is that you have plenty of room to expand the equipment pad if...
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    Special fittings for slight misalignment

    You could possibly use a street 90º El (male to female), a piece of flex PVC and an adapter.
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    Rola-Chem vs Stenner

    The thing I like about the Stenner is that you can change the pump volume capacity just by changing the pump tube and part replacement is easy. However, the Rola-Chem is a very capable pump. You won't go wrong with either. As you said, they are virtually the same cost, so pick the one you like...
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    Stenner pump problem?

    Well I'm not Stenner tech support, but I have a comment if that's ok. Did you replace the ferrule on the suction side tubing? If not, I'd do that and see if it solves your problem. It doesn't take much of a leak on the suction side to stop the pump from drawing in liquid.
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    Texas Bugs

    Ever watched one of those Alaskan shows filmed during the summer? We don't have nearly the quantity or size bugs here in the deep south as they have, so No, the bugs aren't killed by the cold! :eek: I really wish they were though!