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    Solar Install - Pressure question

    I did a Hot sun install, at the lower part of the system where the water enters the panels at the roof you want no more than 5 psi. The filter pressure has a relationship to the the panel pressure but it is biased on pipe size and amount of lift before it enters the panels and the amount of...
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    Modifying Existing Pool - Add Spa

    +1 on the standalone. hate to beat a dead horse here but... less expensive to buy, less expensive to operate, less expensive to repair, less expensive to remove and/or replace. noticing a trend here ...
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    Vacuum attracted to my steps???

    Agree with Squirrel, rotate the jet in the back 180 degrees that will make it point in the opposite direction and may fix the problem. You can also reduce the amount of flow to the tail by adjusting the set screw near the base of the tail. That will give a little more speed and toque to the...
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    Controlling a Valve Actuator Remotely

    I have done similar projects and get all my parts except water proof boxes off of Amazon or eBay. Amazon is way faster for a little more money, if you don't mind waiting a month in some cases you can get parts form china from eBay. Boxes I just get at HD or Lowes they have all shapes and sizes...
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    Controlling a Valve Actuator Remotely

    ah Jim is right I forgot one leg needs to stay powered at all times, sorry about that. So you will have to throw a relay in the mix like his original diagram so figure an extra $10 for that too
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    IAqualink App

    Did you try resting your router? If you have a separate modem and router from your ISP. I would unplug both the modem and router, power up the modem wait about 2 min then power the router, wait about 4 min then try Aqualink on the PC again
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    Controlling a Valve Actuator Remotely

    Least expensive would probably be a 120V WiFi switch connected to a 24VAC transformer. If you shop around I would think you can get everything you need project box, WiFi switch, transformer, and wire for around $50
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    Controlling a Valve Actuator Remotely

    The valves do have stop points controlled by cams and micro switches. Jim's diagram is correct, the relay either feeds voltage to red or to white 100% of the time so the motor is always trying to go in one direction or the other only the micro switch in the valve stops it. Lets say that the...
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    New pool 1” away from overflowing

    Most builders will put a hose bib on the out flow from the pump just before the filter. If you have one of these you can simply connect a hose to it and open it up while the pump is running. This is a slow process and is only meant to keep the level below the coping but above the skimmer...
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    Pool heater question

    I agree the extra distance is not a problem that needs to be solved. The surface area of the PVC pipe to get to the pool/spa is nothing compared to the surface area of the pool/spa it's self that is buried in the ground in direct contact with the ground. Near 100% of the heat loss will be...
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    Awkward backyard build

    $750 is about right for a depth change, I think I payed $500 for an extra foot in our deep end and it was a small diameter area. I can say with 100% certainty I wish I had seen a thread about going deeper in the shallow end before our build, it's my biggest and perhaps only regret. I would...
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    Raising Bond Beam - Elevation Issues

    I would get quotes from pool builders that do remodels ask what they recommend, and see what cost savings they will offer for you doing some of the work. I am sure that adding the bond beam and demoing the pool steps and reforming to the new depth is doable but the cost may surprise you. Also...
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    Composite wood (Trex) for coping?

    I would contact ECODECK where the photo came from their web site says they will help with design they have several photos next to pools.
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    Predicting FC attenuation rate in a covered spa when not being used

    For those interested see my initial thread HERE about assembling a cheep peristaltic dosing system. I have not yet done any maintenance on the system and have not had a component failure, there are also some inexpensive off the shelf alternatives for pump/timer combos offered by others in the...
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    How often brush pool?

    Once a week is all I do during the season and more like every 2 weeks in winter never had a problem.