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    Removable Safety Fence for an Above Ground Pool

    Oh thank you for the picture. This helps so much. This is pretty close to what I would like to have.
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    Removable Safety Fence for an Above Ground Pool

    I am wanting to put a fence on the wooden deck of my above ground pool. What would you recommend? I have only found, so far, fencing for an in-ground pool deck.
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    Recommendations on Pool Deck construction

    Hello all, I would like to build our pool deck to the edge of the pool but I am wondering about he pros and cons if we do this type of deck. We will need to be able to put our winter cover on when we close the pool each year and I think we would have space to get underneath the deck if we ever...
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    Above ground pool construction

    Ok. Let me give you more info. Some of the uprights are set on dirt and pavers and others are on bricks and pavers.
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    Above ground pool construction

    We are in the process of installing our pool but I want to make sure that we are doing this correctly. One side of the pool only has around 2 to 3 inches of sand under the bottom rails, but the other side has about 6 to 7 inches of sand to make the sand level. Is this a catastrophe waiting to...