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    Diesel in pool

    Just for giggles, when the sun is high shut the pump off for an hour or so. While it's off wipe down everything in and around the skimmer and pump basket. Give the filter a good cleaning. When everything's up and running again put your SWG on 100% power.
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    Diesel in pool

    The diesel fuel will eventually dissipate. You may have to shut down your pump so the diesel rises and stays on the surface to dissipate.
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    cover deck bolts

    I screwed em back into the base
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    Cleaning cartridges

    I have just about the same pool setup and I clean my cartridge roughly twice a month. My pool is surrounded on 3 sides with large oaks, cedar elms and an Arizona ash tree which is on the southwest side of the pool which helps bigly with the blazing afternoon sun. No single tree branch is long...
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    Pool Covers to Retain Heat

    I keep a safety cover over my pool from the end of September (4 large cedar elm trees that put out quite the mess in the fall) through the end of April (6 large oaks that make a bigger mess in the spring). Soon as I put away the safety cover I'll bring out the reeled solar cover. Takes all of...
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    Surprise frigid temps!

    The last two years I would just have the pump run 24/7 during the cold. This year, just a few days ago I brought the water down to 4" below the return's, disconnected all the equipment using the unions and took my vac and blew out all the lines. Not counting the draining the whole process took...
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    Auto Fill During Freezes

    The last few years I would just have everything running during a cold snap, no more. This morning I opened up all the valves to get the waterline down below the returns. Gonna take about 6 more inchs out to account for any rain, blow out the pipes and disassemble the pump/filter and SWG.
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    Help thinking out a SWG plan

    Switching from a liquid chlorine to a swg (circupool) this past spring has made my life so much easier. Got it down pat now. The morning of and the day after when all my grandkids will be over I'll put the generator on 100% to keep the FC roughly around 6, otherwise I have it at 70% for 12 hours...
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    Pool Step Replacement

    The circled area hasn't anything to do with having both coping and stairs flush. Water level is 6" or more below that so leaking any water is, shall I say, the pool builders excuse for doing what he did. Now, having said that, my steps are an even 8" is rise starting at the bottom vinyl. If...
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    Pool Step Replacement

    My pool is similar to yours. Inground panels with a vinyl liner. When my two sons and I built it (a hydro pool kit) the instructions had the top of the steps to be flush with the top of the coping (deck, concrete, tile etc.) There's roughly 1 1/2" of water on the first step.
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    Pool Step Replacement

    You'll probably lose the liner if you disconnect it from the steps. And you're correct about the top of the steps should be the same height as the coping. Rock and a hard place. Take the money.
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    This circuit breaker or change to GFCI…

    Just for clarity. Your new dbl 20 amp gfci will have a curly white wire. That white wire goes to the neutral side bar bus inside the breaker panel. your neutral white wire coming FROM your timer attaches to the new breaker using the single screw in port AWAY from the two screw in ports also on...
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    Going on Vacation

    a cover, a few gallons of LC and fill a floater or two with some tablets and you're golden. Your cya could use a slight boost you'll get from the tabs.
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    RoBot maintenance.

    Had to have my Warrior SE serviced under warrenty after 1 1/2 seasons. They replaced the motor.
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    How long for FC to drop in SWG pool

    Have a pool party, that'll knock it down bigly or turn the unit off for a day. FC at 9 is on the upper reaches, but only a tad. I like to keep mine between 5 and 8 and swimming everyday I cannot tell the difference.