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    Cool (Kool) Deck Peeling Horribly

    Looks like it was installed wrong/on unprepared concrete to fail like that. I definitely wouldn't cover it up as any top coat will fail the same without proper preparation (grinding down to clean concrete) Depending how low budget you want to go, a DIY route I would try is to rent a grinder...
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    Jandy Nicheless failures

    I’m wondering if anything can be done to increase the lifespan such as a larger water jacket (2”pipe instead of 1.5”) for better cooling. Recently bought 10 of the discontinued models for a discount (6 to use and 4 for spares), perhaps foolishly. Found this old thread Savi Melody LED Light...
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    VInyl pool liner slipping from edge

    They sell liner bead wedge like this picture. I think it's called "liner lock"
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    Jandy Nicheless failures

    Does anyone know specifically why the jandy nicheless lights fail? Is it overheating, water leaks, or something else?? I've seen comments on youtube and other forums bashing the lights saying they don't last long. But I haven't seen any diagnosis into why. I also see Jandy just re-engineered...
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    EMERGENCY - Need opinions!

    No one will notice that, specially at that depth. Even though it's a mistake (you have every right to demand they fix), I wouldn't want them to cut any more concrete and potentially weaken the pool shell to correct it / install two round drains.
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    Question about piping for a new build

    I would go with rigid pvc and fittings. Two 45's instead of 90's to reduce flow restriction (or the long sweep 90's) if that is a concern. It's common practice but I never liked baking and bending rigid pvc, seems like it should weaken it some.
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    Aquastar On-ground Pool in Tulsa, OK

    Cool - I've never seen that kind of pool (aquastar on-ground) before. Good luck with the build, sounds like you got the hard part done already.
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    New Build - Vinyl Lagoon in North Carolina

    Great looking concrete!
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    New Above Ground Pool Build in Atlanta, GA

    Looks a little high to me. But pool builders rarely take on above ground pools, so the markup is understandable. The Matrix brand of above grounds handle salt water fine also. Ideally you'd order the pool and equipment yourself and just...
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    Hiding the pump/filter

    Personally I would opt to hide it. Some bushes around it, or a tiki hut / shed or anything to save you the hassle of moving it. It would cost less to build an attractive shed on top of it, and that would give you outdoor storage for pool toys. Moving the pad further away will also decrease...
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    Wall Jets vs Deck Jets

    So I've always planned on getting deck jets, but the more I think about it, the more I'm considering wall jets. Two reasons would be less water loss, and guests can walk on the deck without getting wet. Seems like it is always windy in my backyard, I imagine lots of spray getting all over the...
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    Another DIY Block Pool - Stacking the walls

    The Hayward filter is bigger. I asked Pentiar about this, they replied "for a self install the warranty would only be 60 days parts only" The 3 item deal doesn't apply for DIY builds.​
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    Another DIY Block Pool - Stacking the walls

    Nice work! Learning how to properly use sketchup is on my to-do list.
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    Self build - Middle, TN 18x36

    Looks great - what pool lights did you go with?
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    Need help deciding between two different designs....

    Sounds good! I'd want to see the pool from the house also. Looking forward to your build thread.