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    New filled vinly pool, no equipment installed, what to do with water

    Depending on the robot it might do the job. My little Dolphin would certainly do. Yeah, dissolving the stabilizer without a running pump is going to be a challenge…. The issue with going with just chlorine is at first sunlight it will burn it all and you may start getting some cloudiness and...
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    New filled vinly pool, no equipment installed, what to do with water

    Did you (or your PB) add any chemicals? Do you have a test kit () You are going to need 40ppm of CYA (stabilizer) and 5ppm of LC in that water. Since you have no pump you will need to use something else to stir the water and don’t let any chemicals sitting on the bottom. Use to calculate the...
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    Pool Store Experiment Water Samples

    I’d jus link the whole post… may be a good way to enlighten more people about the dangers of pool stores.
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    Old school Hayward 244t with organic sand, is this outdated for an indoor pool?

    Sand filters are the slowest filters to filter particles from the water. They are are fairly easy and inexpensive to maintain . DE filters are the fastest filters to filter particles from the water. They are a bit more expensive to maintain. Cartridge filter are in the middle. They have to be...
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    New to TFP

    Sorry to hear you were pool stored. From another thread seems you are on track to get a test kit.
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    Need to SLAM after fresh water top up every time

    Were you able to figure out your fill water?
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    New to TFP

    Well, I should said it is accurate enough if your test results are also accurate.
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    New to TFP

    It is accurate enough. There is going to be some error here and there, but in most cases negligible. The biggest risk is if you don’t store your LC properly (or buy old chlorine) and it ends up being less powerful than expected, but that is not a pool math issue.
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    Inline chlorinator and THANK YOU

    I was debating the same thing... but this summer have been unusually rainy and I have been using tablets to recoup diluted CYA... in the end it is just matter of postponing the decision
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    my water is blue and almost completely clear but algae is stuck to sides

    Will the person helping you going to test the water? If viable get the water to SLAM level before leaving and ask the person helping you to replenish the chlorine loss. Bring up to SLAM level should give enough room to avoid issues in case the person helping you can show up every day. It is...
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    Polypropylene pipe for heater exhaust

    Probably somewhere in the vicinity of 350F or more.
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    Pool SOS

    Thinking about the future... once you are done with the SLAM: 1 - Never let your FC drop below target. It is safe to swim up to SLAM level. If you plan to not let it drop below target you won't be in trouble if something unexpected happen. 2 - If you don't take the pool down during winter keep...
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    Automatic liquid chlorine pump?

    Answering your question: Now, regarding your chlorine loss... it sounds you are loosing way too much chlorine. Are you sure you don't have anything eating up your chlorine? Are you able to perform a ? How is your...
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    Cloudy pool, algae covered floor, no chlorine...

    Be aware dry acid is going to add sulfates to your pool. That is one of those chemicals that are not going away over time. If your CH is high enough you may start seeing calcium sulfate (aka gypsum) to form. You can get a full respirator mask with filters for organic vapors at a paint store or...