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    Am I lucky or is it the norm?

    What you are describing sounds just like a well maintained TFP pool. PH won't rise too much if your TA isn't that high. I have a SWG and do not suffer from PH rise at all due to my TA being low along with low TA fill water. Sometimes it all just works.
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    Cloudy water

    Welcome to TFP. Glad you found us if your are ready to take over control of keeping a sparkling pool. You most likely have cloudy water because you have algae. With CYA of 70, your free chlorine is too low and has allowed the start of algae. I highly recommend reading up in pool school on...
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    Something You Wish You had Done was...

    I agree with paying attention to your wind direction with placement of skimmers. I have a dead corner where if I'm not brushing enough, the algae starts in that dead corner that doesn't get water movement as well.
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    Algae help

    The CYA test is the hardest to master. You can pour the solution from the sight tube back and run the same test multiple times. Make sure you are doing it in full sun with your back to the sun. I don't even bother testing on a cloudy day.
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    Pool eating FC!

    Also, did you test is at 21 or just that you added enough chlorine to assume it was up to 21?
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    I hate my pool.

    I'd like to chime in as say with a little bit of learning in pool school, you can learn to love your pool. I am also a SWG user/owner and I can't think of much of any downside. We can go on vacation for 1-2 weeks and not have to worry about chlorinating since the SWG runs when the pump runs...
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    Something You Wish You had Done was...

    definitely deeper shallow end. I think ours is 3.5 feet. at least 4 would be much nicer for us. And as a previous post said......we DO NOT regret pouring lots of concrete. 10 feet out on the "L" end and several feet from the end of the "L" making a lot of patio space inside that "L."
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    Hard water - alkalinity - High PH

    Hi. Welcome to TFP. It is true as you know that it is hard to give advice without proper test results. The CYA number is the important one to know how much chlorine to add. Your pool isn't so big could you consider a drain and refill and then use your TF-100 to perfectly balance a newly...
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    Disappearing Chlorine?

    Sounds like a salt water generator would help in your situation.
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    Yellow Algae??? went away for a week and.....

    Just wanted to throw it out there that the PH test can be inaccurate with FC above 10 so don't bother testing until your FC comes back down. Save your reagents :)
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    Pool Cooler

    This does a decent job for me...especially if run overnight. It sprays further than it looks in this picture.
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    Using TF-100 kit and during the hottest part of the summer (July-Aug) getting Green Algae

    There really is no such thing as "locked" or "chlorine lock" your chlorine needs to be high enough according to the CYA chlorine relationship at all times to prevent algae. So at some point yours must have dropped too low for your CYA. You will need to follow SLAM process. But first, can...
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    Getting Air in lines when vacuuming

    Thanks. This gives me a place to look. This just started in the last few weeks (8 years after build) and the hose I had was purchased last year but I don't always store it correctly, never imagined the problem would continue with a brand new hose used first yesterday if it was the hose.
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    Vinyl liner Pool brush

    I heard good reviews of the wall whale brush but not bought one yet. I pick up the regular brush for vinyl from Lowes when I need one........still have my eyes on a wall whale :)
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    How to read CYA

    As setsailsoon the test outside in full sun with back to the sun holding view vial about waist level