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    Aerotemp Heater Leaking (model AT12000)

    Yes, I just watched a video on how to replace it...not sure I'm up for doing it...the hardest part for me is finding the right tools to remove parts and even then I can't get parts unscrewed/apart.
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    Aerotemp Heater Leaking (model AT12000)

    Someone called me back Monday afternoon but in the meantime I did snip off the zip-tie, took off the black rubber cover and had my husband unscrew the sensor well (it was really hard to remove). Right away I saw a tear in it. I was able to find the part, STK1113A, on eBay and did priority...
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    Aerotemp Heater Leaking (model AT12000)

    I noticed the water level in our pool was down and found the problem was water leaking from the bottom of the black rubber cap that sticks out of the top of the condenser (has a wire going into it which I believe is the thermostat sensor). It only leaks when the pool pump is on, doesn't matter...
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    T-15 Aqua Rite salt level problem

    I'm so glad I found this site! I had the exact same problem with salt levels dropping with a 4 yr old cell so replaced the cell and the next day the LCD showed HOT. I shut off system and later recalibrated and all was fine again. Next day salt levels dropped again so I was then wondering if it...